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  1. Ooths become bent often, when females push them out to warm them or rotate them, other roaches may bump it and misalign it. Ive had bent ooths hatch out though so thats also not a reason for the drop. I really think the ooths were just duds and the females were prepping to hold fertilized ooths.
  2. About how long does it take for everyone's hissers to molt the first time? Are the times varying of different species? Ive had some molt within 3 days and others take about 2 weeks. Seems like my javanica take a lot longer than my princisia and theyre fed the same thing. Could I be missing something in the javanica diet or is it simply variation amongst species?
  3. Ive had loud fighting before, the genales are used to it and you have nothing to worry about. The ooth could have been crooked because she fell maybe? Also if she ate it, she may have aborted it on purpose so that she could eat it. Could be lacking some nutrients in their diet. Up your protein. Maybe try fish flakes and some dog food bits
  4. whats your male to female ratio? unless you have them in a super small container, I don't see over-crowding as the culprit for the ooths. If your females matured before the males, a "sizable" ooth wouldn't be seen unless is was infertile. best of luck breeding.
  5. i just realized I have these in my lobster roach bin. I had no clue they helped with mite prevention. Ill move some over right now! Thank you
  6. whats the expense and needs of the lesser meal worms??? Thanks for responding btw, much appreciated!
  7. the red mites are no concern just the grain mites. Never had them before until just recently.
  8. I've got grain mites and the large red ones. Ive seen the grain mites eat away at small nymphs mid molt. Ive heard this happens with T's as well.
  9. Ive recently received some new hisser species and have noticed mites. I have only had mites once before and wasn't able to remove them by drying out the substrate/ container. I did; however, completely remove them by dropping my hissers into a bag of flour and when I removed them lightly spraying them off using a spray bottle from home depot. This took ages for only 11 adults and I was wondering if there was a faster method. Im keeping E. Javanica and its just too many to powder and no matter how dry it gets, still mites. I keep T's so I can't have this problem spreading. Help? Tips? Anything?
  10. I would suggest taking him off of substrate and moving to paper towel. If you can scrape it off without harming the nymph then do so but if not then patience. Best of luck!
  11. Could be various reasons for both dropping. Your setup sounds fine as long as humidity is kept rather low. Im also in SoCal and mine are breeding fine. They're temps throughout the day avg about 85 during the day to high 70's at night. Seems to me like a case of infertile ooths.
  12. Im trying out bark at the moment. Havent added any roaches in yet but the bark substrate holds moisture well but the frass will sift itself to the bottom and also when it dries, mites will die out. I hate having mites and they always seem to show up in my cocoa fiber. I do; however, use the fiber in all my T and Blaberus enclosures. Anybody have experience with the bark?
  13. Can anyone help on what to feed? I can't get my guys and gals to eat
  14. Try lobster roaches I use them for my slings.
  15. Hi everyone, this is my firat time on a forum, I recently got into the hobby of roaches which my mom hates! Im 17 and I must say its really nice to see peoplewith the same interests. These are current species I own, I also have a few others that are common. Gyna Caffrorum Ergaula Capucina Blaberus Craniifer Gold dubia Princisia Vanwaerebecki-Giant Form. Periplaneta Australisiae If you're interested in care or anything, id be happy to help!
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