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  1. so.... i'm starting to think the vertical (head down) position is due to dehydration... i've since added water and it has not been doing much of the HD-vertical (head-down vertical).... (shrug) ...maybe more updates
  2. i'm using PostImage.org . seems pretty cool - simple. here's the Downward Roach (haha) etc
  3. yea, only one. and, okay...here's a horrible image... the first one....
  4. hahaha.... well... a shell doesn't count. lol. and yea, i had the same thought... it did this one position where it was horizontal, but it's butt was up, and i was like "it's doing the Downward Roach". no, i'm not worried. unless you count "asking a question" to be worrying.... then, yes, i worry.... a lot... (lol)
  5. grrrr... mmm.. okay. so, it's remotely normal, i suppose... still curious as to why (seeing how it's not full-normal).
  6. um... how is that image relevant to this thread ??
  7. ugh...hate... massive hate... ..okay, then. i'll figure something out with the services i'm using... (not about to start another one that does the same damn thing... >.<) um... yes, please. i would love to have an army of albino EVERYTHING !! ...but i'm not ready to have any insects touch me, so, i'll need a forcefield of some kind >.>
  8. oh, well, sure, there's that complicated way, thanks. ...but there's a "My Media" section and storage space, but uploading doesn't seem to exist - i wanna do that. (i should probably write this in the linked thread @_@)
  9. so... ... ... ... ....idk how to upload an image >.<
  10. 1> a) i do, but it's probably not a favoured-situational photo. b ) it's natural position (i speculate) would be horizontal, as it's legs are all on one side and it's often seen parallel to the ground. so, vertical, as in 90 degrees from the ground, with it's head down and butt up; and not with it's L/R sides towards the sky and ground. it's also attached to a wall and not doing a hip-hop head stand. c) it's not a "moving" thing. it's a "this is how i wanna stay for hours" thing @_@ d) thanks for the response. 2> a) i believe it's an adult. b ) it's definitely preferring the head down position; hanging isn't much of it's thing. c) hmmm... maybe, but i've never seen a roach molt. d) doesn't look like "B. Orientalis". e) thanks for the response. 3> this is more "science" to me than "pet". 4> i'm still trying to figure out it's gender >.>
  11. i have this roach that seems to like being vertical - with it's head down. i find it curious and have never witnessed such a thing. is there a reason for this ? i think it's german.
  12. why does my roach prefer it's butt towards the sky ?

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