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  1. I wonder if the message system is working or if I'm simply dealing with typically flakey internet bug dealers. How do you post an ad on wednesday and have still not logged back into the site as of saturday. Do people hate money?
  2. She must have birthed half a dozen or so, the big lady went around and scooped up desert after the main course.
  3. One of these beauties will cut your population down quick! When they're in glutton mode they can eat a couple meals a week of 2-3 adults. Heres one of mine I gave a big momma oblongata to and she went and popped out desert mid meal!
  4. I've been feeding all my t's from a colony of oblongata's but only my enormous adults will take on a full sized one. My t. Stirmi female loves them and my a. Gents and LP never ask twice no matter what I throw in there.
  5. If you've got a lot of feeders to get rid of nothing beats the l. Parahybana. It is a total garbage gut, gets about 7" and grows fast. If you want less of a plain brown color, a. Genticulatas are nice , similar to lp's and they stay in the open as nice display animals once they get over 3" or so. B. Vagans and b. Albos are good choices , though they do tend to spend more time in burrow and are somewhat nocturnal.
  6. That's it , oblongata , I hear Adam sander saying it in my head ala' "the water boy".
  7. Hi all ! I've been keeping Dubai as feeders for my tarantulas for years , but started watching them as much as my t's, so I recently aqquired some great horned hissers and wanted to find out more about their care. I found a link on Arachnoboards that brought me here and I'm excited to try out some of the more exotic species of roaches !
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