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  1. Will do then (i bought it before asking that question and was hopping people recommend it ) How about when you clean the cage ? Isn't the poop mixed with it ? do you remove the coco fiber then and put new one ?
  2. Well it's pretty much all in the question. Could you guys give me your experience / advice on the pros and cons / recommandations to put a layer of coco fiber at the bottom of your enclosure ? Many thanks
  3. Thank you for this start Well my goal isn't to have 2000 roaches but a few, ideally that they start breeding, then I would probably need more than one small enclosure. I have this small plastique terrarium (the kind people buy for a spider i guess about 25 X 15 centimeters (sorry I hate inches) with good ventilation on top. My first question would be : Is it a good idea to use a layer coco peat at the bottom as it's a very nutrient free substrate ? or do people recommend to put nothing at all but egg boxes / food / and water ? Many thanks
  4. Hello everyone. I'm still unsure about what species of roach we're going to get here in the Philippines. However, I do have a small plastic terrarium and some coco peat. I was wondering if there is a thread in here that would condensate tips on how to set up an optimal space for most species of roaches ? And of course then adapt it depending of what species I'll choose ? Many thanks.
  5. Hello everyone ! Someone mentioned someone on this forum that lives in a Philippines and that is THE roach guy Unfortunately I didn't manage to find his name with the search option on here ! Anyone has any idea ? I'm looking for the optimal species of roach to keep at home and build one setup for filming and probably another different one to keep them / breed them. Many thanks The big ones we find here everywhere in house and street seems to be professionals at climbing on plastic (and maybe glass ?) and flying as well which isn't optimal to build a movie setup.
  6. Many thanks, will get back to you soon cause I had a filipino drink that got me drunk. But will try to post a pic of a local specie to Identify (the one that is everywhere in the street and in the house )
  7. Hello everyone I'm a music composer / film maker / nature lover that moved in the Philippines to shoot a TV Show (with drama, love, stories, science fiction...) where all actors will be real insects Roaches will play an important role in our show, we want to give them a very cool cute image and put them in sceneries where we can make them look as appealing and nice as possible (they'll be living in some kind of other reality like some kind of magic spirits like god's insects where they'll interract with various species on earth during shamanic ceremonies ) Not being a roach expert at all
  8. Oh nice ! Thank you already for that ! I will make a post later today about our roaches questions and I'll try to find vixxy !
  9. Hello everyone ! Well I'm a film maker / music composer that moved in a Philippines to shoot a TV Show where all actors will be... real insects ! You can check our Facebook for updates and test shots : http://facebook.com/mikro.world I joined this forum because Roaches will play an important role in our show. We will give them one of the most important role actually, hopping to give them a very positive cute image by opposition to the standard cliché of the creepy insect I'm hopping to find help to raise and breed one of the local specie here so we can build a nice setup for our scenes.
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