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  1. Could try increasing cross ventilation if the egg flats are getting ratty or you can do what I do and just drive to your nearest IHOP and ask for some more haha
  2. My male adult australians would run to the top of the enclosure any time I opened it but I dont know if that translates well to your species in question. Either way I had no problem with them when I used liberal amounts of vasoline along the sides of my enclosure. Also just curious where you acquired your nymphs if you dont mind me asking it would be fun to try keeping a small handful of these guys
  3. I used to "add new blood" to my colonies but tbh I have not really noticed any improvements. Dont think its necessary imo, but I have not had any issues adding hissers into an established colony
  4. They can, but Ive never had an issue with it. If your T molts tho thats a big unnecessary risk just take it out if the Tarantula isnt interested imo
  5. Well seeing as how Im buying from you ill take it as theres nothing to worry about. I had australiasae that got dumped on me a few years back so if their care is basically the same it should be fine I suppose
  6. I was told by someone that P. americana tend to eat the ootheca and do not do well in setups with egg crates. Had not heard that before but just wanted to ask you guys on here if this is truly the case. Thanks
  7. My lats actually ate tomatoes before a little surprised your roaches didn't take the tomato. For the acorn did you break it open?
  8. Mistake with sexing nymph. It happens lol but no they can't just change their sex.
  9. I went in my backyard to gather some leaf litter for enclosures and wanted to consult people to confirm it is safe. I took some pics of the leaves in question. Also is Ivy okay to use? The leaves are rather large and I feel would look nice in a tank. https://imgur.com/a/Yc3zz0B
  10. The substrate looks so nice. You mind telling me what you did with it? I see dry leaf litter but are those pine needles?(The stringy things)
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