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  1. Decided to switch Hisser roaches, got the 'H a l l o w e e n Hisser', is it still similar in care?
  2. You are correct! Haha. Thanks for all your help! So they should be fine with the tape covering the crack? Also, is it okay if the sub is still a bit moist when I place the hissers in?
  3. I'll also be using foil to put over the top of the CK before putting on the top so it can help prevent escape hopefully.
  4. So I'll be getting Lucihormetica verrucosa and Gromphadorhina oblongonota as first roaches (3 nymphs of each). I'll be keeping them both in two separate Critter Keepers. Are L. verrucosa escape artists? Reason I'm asking is that I bought these CKs off of someone for a dollar and the one for the L. verrucosa has a decent sized crack on the side. I'll be attaching tape to it so hopefully it shouldn't be a problem. Also, I have cocofiber as a sub and will be mixing oatmeal along with fish food and occasional peeled apple bits for their main diet. I will also be getting Oak leaves later on (a week or two after), would this be okay, or do they need it right away? Do they need moist sub? Reason being is that I bought the cocofiber bricks and I was wondering if I should let it dry first or would it be okay to put them in it? Also, to help reduce the risk of escapes, I'll be lining the sides with Vaseline and also cover the top with foil/plastic wrap with holes in it. Would this help prevent escapees?
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