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  1. I can do that. The only thing im worried about is getting fruit flies. How often do you feed them the fruits and veggies? and how long do you leave it in there before you take em out. I have a small colony, about 250-300 mixed size, 8 adult females, 2 adult males.
  2. Thank you for the replies. Luckily I only bought a 5lb bag of the alfalfa. I'll feed them Cheerios, oats, and fish flakes (for protein) until i run out. Then ill switch to Chicken Starter Feed.
  3. Hello, I recently started a small Dubia roach colony. I have been doing loads of research on making them a Chow out of grains as well as using Animal protein vs Plant protein. I decided to go with a inexpensive mix of Quaker Oats, Honey Nut Cheerios, and 100% Alfalfa pellets (for horses, rabbits, etc) ground up all together. Once a week i throw in a couple small pieces of fruit (apple, peaches etc.) However, Im noticing that my dubias wont touch the ground up Alfalfa pellets. Its funny cause it seems like they will pick out all the oats and cheerio dust and leave the dark green dust that
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