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  1. I used to have lobsters myself, I quickly got rid of them after one night one of them fell from the ceiling onto my face lol
  2. I've generally heard of them living for 1-2 years sometimes 3
  3. I just got a message back from my states entomologist and he said this: you would only need a permit if importing the species from outside the U.S. Domestic movement does not require a permit. So it looks like i'll be getting some hissers in the future if anyone wants to tell anyone that YES you can get hissers here in TN you are more than welcome to.
  4. I wonder if TWRA would be any help to this? I am gonna email them and see what they say
  5. So this means I can get hissers in TN? I still am a little hesitant about buying some even after receiving this email
  6. I just received this email from aphis: The USDA has dropped the permit requirement for domestic interstate movement of the Madagascar hissing cockroach, Gromphadorhina portentosa. Import would require a permit. You should check with Tennessee officials to see if they have any requirements. I'm not gonna import them as they are already here in the U.S.
  7. Hmm? after researching more about this I read this: " The USDA does not require any special permits to ship and/or receive Hissing Cockroaches" so does that mean I would be fine to go ahead and order some hissers? I am gonna wait until I hear something from my state department of agriculture
  8. Ok, I was just curious what could happen if I tried to buy them. I sent an email to my depart of agriculture and she said she would let our state entomologist know and to look into this
  9. I know this post is pretty old, but lets say, I go and buy some hissers the worst that could happen is the seller wouldn't ship them to my location right?
  10. I emailed my local Agriculture department about this and I am waiting on a reply
  11. It does thanks! I should be getting the roaches thursday I will try and get some pictures up
  12. That's what I don't understand we don't have the same climate in TN compared to FL. I can definitely understand why almost anything exotic is illegal in FL. I guess its a "better safe than sorry" kind of thing for TN
  13. Thanks, the reason I asked this, I was wondering about getting me some hissers. Since I think they are very interesting but I kept seeing nobody would ship to TN
  14. What's the story behind this? I see all these dealers say they won't ship to Tennessee I even saw one site that said you needed to have a permit to own any type of hisser in Tennessee. If anyone could tell me why this is that would be great
  15. That's great to hear! I only got 50 to try them out but I'm not gonna feed any of them off yet i'll let them grow and reproduce first
  16. In a few days I'm going to be receiving a shipment of Eublaberus Posticus. How do these roaches compare to Blaptica Dubia? everything I have read about them says they grow and breed way faster than dubia is this true? I know these roaches need a lot more protein then most roaches can anyone share any pictures of how they keep these roaches.
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