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    Care and maintenance of reptiles, insects and tropical fish. Hiking and swimming.
  1. 1. Do you currently raise any roaches? Yes. 2. If so, how many? I started a Blaptica dubia breeding colony just over 2 months ago When I spotted some baby dubias, I decided to set up a Shelfordella tartara (Red Runner) breeding colony and the first offspring appeared just ver 3 weeks ago. I also set up an Elliptorhina chopardi colony but they were nymphs so egg cases have only recently been appearing as "roach tails". 3. Do you culture roaches as pets or feeders? I find them fascinating creatures to watch so I guess they're pets until they are used as lizard food. 4. If feeders, what k
  2. Hi everyone ?☀️? (Two trees and a sun emoji if they don't appear!) I'm Dave and I'm from the UK but I've been living and working in Spain since 2002. When I lived in the UK, I used to breed lizards, snakes, rodents and some insects. At the end of 2015, I bought 4 leopard geckos and 3 bearded dragons. I quickly discovered that pet shops here are not very reliable suppliers of live foods so I decided to start breeding crickets, tenebrios and zophobas. Now I also have dubias and red runners breeding. I'm still waiting for the chopardis to produce offspring. Hopefully I'll be able to pick u
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