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  1. Grid-pattermed woodworm that flees the light. "lucifugus" is an awesome name.
  2. Hi birdonfire. I know this qualifies as an "Old Post". Try to use untreated hardwood if you're going to use wood at all. Antisapstain compounds are considered potentially unsafe for workers in the wood treatment industry.* it is not unreasonable to presume that the same applies to arthropods. Bark and pieces of wood from nearby hardwood tree should work. Bake them first to avoid uninvited guests. You might also consider using rocks and toys and other things lying around the house so long as they don't contain toxic chemicals. Paper towel tubes? Roaches can survive on a lot of things. *https://worksafe.govt.nz/dmsdocument/365-safe-use-of-timber-preservatives-and-anti-sapstain-chemicals
  3. AAA! Thank you so much. These are lateralis? Huh. Curiouser and curiouser. I haven't used them as feeders for maybe a year. While they don't scurry up, Home Depot tubs and smaller Herpcult enclosures are scalable for them given enough time. Fine dust from coconut fiber might be on those surfaces. They've gotten out of tubs with Vaseline on the inside rim. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. I haven't seen them climb glass though. I've found them in moist substrate after tarantulas refuse them. They didn't make proper burrows like a naked mole rat would though. They're strangely unpopular, or they were before I stopped using them. Even T stigmurus avoid them. Now I want to try them out again. Again, I really appreciate you expertise.
  4. Hi. I bought a whole bunch of these as a colony of B lateralis on roachforum a while ago. (Un)fortunately I can't recall who the seller was. They do none of the nice things lateralises do. It's almost like they're repellent to my animals. Literally nothing wants them. Contrary to what I've read about red runners, mine climb acrylic enlosures, burrow, escape, all that annoying stuff. I guess they didn't read the roach manual. The colony thrives from weeks of neglect too, which I guess is a good thing under their circumstances. Not fond. SoCal Invert Club has been very helpful. They're pretty sure it's a pest species. Which one though we aren't sure. The "W" shape on the thorax is weird and should be a useful signifier. (Apologies on pic quality. Had to crop it.) Any info is really appreciated.
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