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  1. Reason I ask is some how the Babys manage to escape and I rescue the ones I see but the question simply put is can they survive longterm outside of their enclosure in the average airconditioned home????
  2. Well Ironicly hes still keeping on keeping on and some how him and his lady had about 30 lil ones lol so hes atleast gonna live on that way and shows no signs of weakening so go figure
  3. Hes injured by others in this case his antennas were chewed off and his legs were also damaged I separated him and put a similar sized female in there with him so he wouldn't be lonely..........but will he ever molt to heal himself or will he be sensory deprived for the remainder of his life??? I feel so bad for him the poor thing just lays there with his face down doesn't walk around or do anything I assume hes eating but I'm not even entirely sure about that anyway thanks in advance everyone
  4. I'm curious what is the absolute best substrate for them. I've got quite a good sized population thanks to another member (BrickTop) and my wife suggested Saw dust but it occurs to me that this would inhibit humidity by absorbing all the moisture then it it'self would become a harbinger of Mold and other undesirables. I was told potting soil would work well but my question is how do I know it won't be loaded with parasites or toxic fertilizers that would hurt them????
  5. Those Millipedes are absolutely AWSOME!!!!!!!
  6. Yep Sir Hiss Alot is a he:) I'ma go get him a lady friend today too. So it begins ::Evil Grin::
  7. I was reading a post about Hissing Cockaroaches yesterday I think it was,that suggested that they love honey combs. Ok I thought I'll give him one tonight and throw away whats left tomorrow. HE ATE THE WHOLE THING where'd he put it all???? talk about a veracious appetite. are all Roaches this veracious of eaters or just the Hissing roaches??? ETA. Sorry got ahead of myself meant to put Hissing cockaroaches in the thread title
  8. Laughing the hell out loud!!!! We callem Doodle Bugs down here in Pewston Texas. would the run of the mill out door variety be sufficient, or for sanitary reasons should I get captive raised? I've always liked the local variety use to catchem all the time as a kid.
  9. My names Courtney and I live in Houston, Texas and just for clarification from the word go I'm a 33 year old Guy LOL That way theres no confusion on that particular issue Ok I got Sir Hiss Alot today but heres the template 1. Do you currently raise any roaches? just got him or her today 2. If so, how many? 1 3. Do you culture roaches as pets or feeders? Well I got him for my Cane Toad but after getting those filthy mites off him I didn't have the heart to feed him to the Toad. 4. If feeders, what kinds? Just a plain ole Hissing Cockaroach,who got a reprieve 5. Are there any specific roach questions that you would like to ask the community? only thing that comes to mind right this second is. How do I tell the Ladies from the Guys??? 6. How did you find our community? Those filthy mites tormenting him or her is what brought me here
  10. I'm new here but this is what brought me here. I got a Hissing roach today and he/she had those nasty mite things all over him/her particularly around his/her neck and face. before I researched these mites and found this site I thought that they were parasites. So my solution to get them off of him or her I basicly for a few seconds held him/her under the faucet which got the nasty things off of him and didn't hurt him. Which brings me to my Question. If I was to get these predatory mites would they attack any other pet once they ate the mites??? and that aside what is a isopod????
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