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  1. Niceeee! And yeah I been using the search button a lot since I found this place. So far I got 2 subadults and 5 nymphs the size of my thumb nail. All still been alive for 2 weeks and I have them on about 3-4 inches of coco with a bit of repti bark from the pet shop. Pretty much same setup for the A. Tesselata except 1 inch less substrate and they seem fine. As for the Eublaberus posticus, I've done some reading here and they all say that nymphs must have a substrate otherwise they can stress and cannibalize on each other. I only have about 7-10 nymphs. Thanks! I've read lots of your posts
  2. Hey y'all my name is Vidal, and I live in Las Vegas NV. I recently picked up interest in roach breeding because I wanted to look for good feeders for my tarantulas and at the same time have fun breeding the food they eat while I save. I recently got: - Eublaberus pusticus - Blaberus giganteus - Blaberus hybrid Fusca/Discoidalis - Archimandrita tessetala - G. Portentosa If y'all have some advice for a noob, I'm all open for advice and sharing tips. Good day y'all, thanks!!
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