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    Love playing with my 2 boys, Ean and Gavin. I enjoy pets of all types but, i am very fond of reptiles.

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  1. Hi there , have not posted in a while but my B. lateralis colony is growing great!!! i also am working on a new enclosure that contains the 3" PVC pipe idea i saw earlier this year on a post from someone ... but what i mean to post is this .... I recently got into Tarantulas ! and well while browsing around there i sumbled across this ! Roach feeder dont know if this a double post or not but hope it helps !! take care everyone ill be updating pics of my new enclosure soon
  2. ok well thanks guys for the info .. i think ill remove the substrate then .. might have to get some more roaches as well lol. the reason i kept substrate in there is because i wanted it to stay humid and i read that substrate helps with that thanks again guys
  3. yea i want to learn a bit more of these .. i have much family in Santa Rosa, and i might just take a trip over there and see if i cant catch a few myself, or possibly pick some up and give a small finders fee to ya
  4. Just an update .. the lizard is a champ at catching them .. now some of the roaches are getting rather large , i cant seem to find out how long it takes them to lay eggs , and there egg crates are gettign dirty, will it stress them out too much if i change out there substrate, and "egg crate hides"? Thanks in advance
  5. ill try the freezing thing .. he had not eaten for almost a week as we were waiting for the roaches ... he is just being slow about it i guess
  6. well my alligator lizard cannot catch these things lol i just recieved 50 of them so i placed 5 in his tank and he cannot catch them ... then he did get one and just bit the head ...now it sits here lying .. twitching is there a way to slow them down or did i purchase the wrong roaches??
  7. wow thats awesome great site and ... i can read it thanks alot Congrats on the site it is very nice
  8. well the peppered roaches are not a good feeder option right now ... i really dont have a room thats both humid and warm so i think the vasaline trick should work for the lateralis unless there is a different small spieces of feeder roach avalible ... or i can get a bin that seems the easiest at this time ... i just really am on a fixed buget to tell the truth but a bin should not be too expensive..
  9. well thanks to both of you ... ok then im going to set up the glass fish tank i have for some of the lateralis ... i already have egg crates, and some dishes, metal screen top and a heat lamp just need a bulb now and the little feeders... what type of bulb should i use? the red heat lamps thanks again for all the insight When i start breeding them better ill make a rubbermaid container so i can place the lateralis in there and make the aquarium a home for some much bigger pet roaches (so the kids can enjoy them ) again thanks for all the answers to my "noob" questions
  10. ok then .. i have been looking around and the Lateralis are INVASIVE??? then some people say they cant breed at low temperatures .. i plan on leaving in garage ...... i think im going to rephrase my question ... what is the most least invasive cockroach i live in the mountians of northern california so cold wet winters and hot dry summers
  11. ok another quick question on both of these .... do the Blaptica dubia and Blatta lateralis grow very big ... my 2 alligator lizards are pretty small .. but each will eat 3-4 small crickets a week... thanks in advance
  12. I have been searching this forum and I can’t seem to get these questions answered so I’m going to ask here (not sure if this is the right place). first of all I would like to purchase or obtain some NON CLIMBING/ NON FLYING/ NON ABLE MULTIPLY OUTSIDE THEIR ENCOSURE feeder roaches that I plan to keep in a Rubbermaid container for my 2 Alligator lizards and soon Bearded Dragons, so what ones should I be looking for (I Believe that roachman26 told me in a pm a while back but lost it since) would Domino Roaches work??? My second question is in the Rubbermaid container what screens do you use, and how to secure/glue the screens on for ventilation my third question will be would a 10 gallon, Glass aquarium be able to accommodate 2-4 Archimandrita tesselata, or even some hisser roaches thanks again an I do apologize in advance if I did not post this in the right area / and all the questions lol.
  13. I do have one reptile that is eating live crickets at the moment, he is a small alligator lizard, i do have plans on getting some bearded dragons though ........ so i will be in the market for some feeder roaches in due time
  14. Well thank you very much .. .. it is going to be a while before I obtain a roach , i need to look up some more information on enclosures and such , but i have been moving for the past 2 days and have some cleaning/ setting up to do thanks again :)
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