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  1. I'm planning to add more hissers from a different source to my current colony to improve the genetic diversity. Can I add them directly to the tank? Or do I need to keep them separate first and get them used to the smell of each other? I mean, will they attack other roaches they don't know?
  2. That makes sense. What's curious to me is, why were most of the females not affected? Can there be a sex-linked immunity to the fungus?
  3. I've had a small colony of Madagascar hissers for four years. There isn't much genetic diversity but otherwise they seem very healthy. A few months ago, all but one of the males suddenly died within a day. Their eyes turned white, and several also had white growths on their legs. The growths were all the size of a grain of rice and looked like worms, except that they were hard and weren't moving. The dead roaches fell apart at the joints or completely crumbled when I tried to pick them up. About a year before that, another male had looked the same when it died. But that time, the infection didn't spread around the colony. I think there were one or two females that died too. Otherwise, the females and the one male weren't affected at all. Any ideas what caused this?
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