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  1. Yeah I'm thinking about getting some kind tank that would make it super easy to get some good shots for video and I would defenatly like to document that a lot. I am soon moving to Korea and really don't know how I could get my roaches out there, do you think I can take them in lagguage ? I need them to follow me this project is just even starting... But I'm defenatly very very interested in all pairing experiences please keep us updated
  2. I don't know much about roaches and morphs but I'm defenatly interested in any selection breeding process engaged, so if you do start one please please let us know and document it.
  3. That's interesting, when did you started your selection process ? Is there results already ? I plan to get kind of wild on selection later 'cause I come from like fish and shrimps hobby and these guys were litteraly crazy. I'm pretty sure we can do some bad ass forms if we get to selection the right way.
  4. Here is the video I made to show how mine was, I don't know if it might be the same thing or not so yeah check it out. As you can see at the end the back of her abdomen looks kind of split in two as if she was about to expulse some ooth or something.
  5. Hi, I have noticed some of the same symptoms on several of my roaches too, they are also E. javanicas. I have a video of one of my roach that was in the "final stage" of that thing I'll try to upload it as soon as possible. I think it might be something that gets worst with time, I've seen it both on males and females and I have a big tank for my population with plenty of food and hiding spots too, they don't seem to fight that much compared to hissers like G. Oblongonata for example. I have seen a darkening of the last part of their legs followed by the loss of that part, their antennas start to get like twisted or something and smaller, and they seem much less able to react to stimulus. Again I will upload a video of what happend to mine because I think it might be something similar, I don't know about the age of that roach but she died the morning after I shot this video but the others are still much alive.
  6. Glad to see your colony is exploding, mine is going the same way but there since I brought some heat-cable I have like babies every 2 or 3 weeks while I only started in september with 4adults + 2 nymphs I love these one so much they're great and most people not into the hobby like them too
  7. Very interesting, my males G. Oblongonata tend to be very like territorial and all but my P. vanwearebeki 'BLACK' tend not to show any territorial behavior, the males usually just hang out together in the same spot and only hiss at me sometimes or other roaches no matter their sex when they run into them... also I noticed that it's only since the birth of my first babies that the males Oblongonata now compete other the top of the egg cardboard that the babies hide under. Before that all the roaches males and female would peacefully live under that egg cardboard (and even with the babies there is still room for anyone so why such a change ?) I still give them tons of food and all...
  8. She got visibly lighter and quite more like brown while she used to be deep dark with almost like blue reflections and I checked under different lighting and all, it seems that several of my roaches do some weird stuff like this.
  9. Hi guys I'm here to give you some updates on this MO finally gave birth to many babies that are going very well (they currently have something like 2weeks and eat like crazy) but I've noticed that her color changed quite a lot afterward even if she has not molted yet.... What do you think ? Does this happen a lot to you ?
  10. Thanks man, I'll try to do some better videos put I don't know really like wich way to move, I like the like really passionate things and details you can see in some ASMR videos for example and I think it would be cool to develop and aesthetic that is really meaningful for the average roach hobbyist but yeah idk.
  11. Hi cockroach people, here's my attempt at making something cool that is cockroach related. I tried to do something that could both interest random people and hobbyist...
  12. Thanks about the replies guys, I have hard time making all my lids secure so I plan to moves all the newborns into the only fully secure one, also I think this cohabitation might be quite interesting to see in the future and watch how they evolved as a group. For exemple one of my javanicas came with my oblongatas and now even if the two species are separate I can't get an hand on that last javanica wich is perfectly integrated into the oblongata group the adults even like go under them as a cover all the time so I can't really grab it... Anyway not the subject. Is there a noticeable change in the body size just before the hatch ? So I can remove the gravid females as late as possible ?
  13. Also I plan on making a baby tank (I only have one tank tha is really secure yet) and therefore I think about putting the pregnant ones in this tanks until the baby hatch idk what you guys think about that, the baby tank host my E. Javanica colony and is well heated and full of many hiding spots...
  14. Hi guys, Several of my roaches seems to have a quite inflated belly and I'm wondering if it's not ootheca-related, so here are some of the pictures, so guys can give me your opinions about that. This is MO
  15. thanks a lot by the way you can have a look at some of my specimens on my tumblr right here if you want guys roachotherkin.tumblr.com
  16. Hey I already follow you on tumblr I think, but here is the link where you can find some of my favs http://roachotherkin.tumblr.com/
  17. Hey, actually I first made my account just to reply this post and let you know that you're truely an artist mind dude, it's really great what you're doing here so keep going on I guess
  18. Hi, I'm French and quite new to the subject, I have been very much interested in pets in general and hissers particularly for many years now and eventually got some P. vanwearebeki and E. Javanica last week, I apologize in advance for my spelling and grammar (please correct me if my english gets too shitty) but yeah... Glad to be here and all. I started a tumblr to keep track of my breedings at roachotherkin.tumblr.com if you're interested (I think I already saw some of you outhere aha). Anyway have a great day guys and see you soon
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