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  1. Mine really like edible flowers - pansies, nasturtium, squash, etc.
  2. I try to always have available a small amount of dry ground dog, cat or fish food. Either daily or a few times a week I try to remember to give them a small piece of fruit or vegetable. I only give skinned fruits and vegetables from the grocery store for fear of pesticides (I've had large die offs a few times and I'm not sure if it was from grocery store greens), and greens and berries from my garden. From the grocery store peeled: banana, apple, pear, orange, sweet potato, carrot. From my garden: kale, lettuce, pansie flowers, nasturtium flowers, dandelion flowers & berries.
  3. I'm planning on redoing my set up and would love to see pictures of cockroach enclosures for ideas.
  4. Edible flowers (nasturiums, pansies, dandilions) and sweet potato peelings seem to be my colonies favs.
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