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  1. I don't have any roaches {would like to} but I do like reading this forum. I was watching on tv that a roach (this was a german roach) could fit throught a gap the size of a quarter adult and the size of a dime for nimphs so this got me thinking about this forum and how most people use the tub contaners, rubbermaid Can some roaches fit through the side and lid, some don't have a tight seal? So I thought about valcro strips between lid and side of tub. Can be put on a glass tanks aswell. has any one tried this?
  2. Strange Brew is a funny movie.But its hockey that runs though our blood like Canada vs USA for gold tomorrow. USA has a awsome team and everyone wonts to beat Canada at hockey{ they can try} When I think of Australia I think Steve Irwin not crocodile Dundee. Steve Irwin has done great things for the animal kingdom
  3. I think this forum is great.I found it a couple weeks ago and have spent hours reading old topics.Awsome info. I don't have roaches right now {looking for some}.I had hissers years ago. Was wondering how many Canadians are on this forum? Are there any sellers on the east coast? thats all for now talk to all you later eh
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