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  1. Tonight I put together an enclosure for a few of the Tityus asthenes. I hope they will breed in this box. They seem very shy and I doubt they mate while I observe them. As long as they have some kids in the future I will be more than happy. Be nice to get this species established in the hobby! Pics of the scorps What beauties!!!
  2. After I get moved, I am game for that
  3. Just dropped in to say hi. Most of you all know me as a scorpion keeper but as we all know scorpions like to eat roaches! So needless to say I do have a colony of Lobster and Discoid Roaches. I plan to get a few of the other "pet" roaches in the near future. When I was at Arachnocon in 2006 one of the vendors had several different species which intrigued me.
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