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  1. I am new with roaches, I have a few questions.

    1. Can Black and normal G.portentosa be kept together??

    2. Can P.Van 'Big Black' bite? they seem scary! I just got mine, now i see why they are soo good at surviving!!

    3. Can all the hissing ones I have (G.portentosa, P.van, E.Chopardi) be kept in a natural looking enclosure together? What would the requirements be if so?

    Would a 36 gallon bow front be big enough?

  2. Looking for info on the Roach species I have.

    Some I cant find ANY info on!!

    Blaptica dubia from Central & South America likes temps 75-95*F not below 68*F can Live 12-24 months

    Elliptorhina chopardi.. couldnt find any info!

    Gromphadorhina portentosa from Madagascar & African coast likes temps 72-85*F not below 65*F can Live 3-5 years

    Gromphadorhina portentosa 'Black' (is it also from Madagascar & African coast? Or was it found in captivity?) likes temps 72-85*F not below 65*F can Live 3-5 years

    Princisia vanwaerebecki 'Big Black'.. Couldnt find info!!

  3. Man, I feel for you! You've checked under things and near the radiator/heat source already, right? It can't hurt to look again. She will live quite a while though. Get a flashlight and search for her at night, anytime after 8-9:00 will give you a much higher chance. Keep trying with aromatic baits.

    Your mom couldn't be more sympathetic. <_<

    I will try that ,


  4. Just tore my whole room appart, no sign of her!!!! :(

    I set out sliced oranges aroud my room and turned out the lights to see if she will come out.

    ....Why did it have to be the **BEAUTIFUL** black one? ......why couldnt it be the normal ones!? :(

    My mom already said if I dont find it before she does, she will kill it :'(

    Anyone know what else I can do? How long can they survive out of a tank?

  5. :excl: I got G.portentosa, 2 normal, and one black, the black female got loose thanks to my cat!! :angry:

    The roach is trapped in my room, my cats are locked out, but I cant find her!!! :o I am freaking out!!! Is there any way to attract them????

    I am sure my cat didnt kill or eat it, she touched it then freaked out. :excl:

    also-can G.portentosa go in a tank with B.dubias?

  6. thanks for the tip!!

    I will seperate them.

    when I found them they were all under the same rock huddled together tho. :blink:

    Wow you guys are encouraging! Nice story Bugman, I can relate!

    Araceae, you may not want to have them all together if you do breed though, since the larger species' larvae will eat the smaller.

  7. They are in a 2.5 gallon tank right now, idk if I am going to culture them or not, but pretty good chance I will. :rolleyes:

    I’m glad you are understanding. I get people that bring me insects and if I only give them a genus name, if that, they seem really disappointed. So instead I’ve started to give them a common name I decide sounds good (we all know how much validity they carry) and usually they are fine with that… people are pretty funny.

    So, have you decided to culture them?

  8. thanks for the welcome everyone!

    Welcome. Cool frog collection. I guess you'll have to get another species like, Blatta lateralis or Nauphoeta cinerea, to feed to the frogs. When you start liking those, go for some Blaberus discoidalis. The babies are the right size....

    Pretty soon you'll be in the same boat as the rest of us. Not such a bad thing, by the way.


    Blaberus discoidalis looks cool!

  9. I've raised and bred the first and second species, and they were enjoyable enough and live a long time. It might be worth it to keep 'em, but unfortunately I don't think there's a market for them. The Carabus might be a Calosoma too, either way it's the most valuable.

    Mites will often use big beetles to transport them, and since carabids frequent carrion, then the mites get to a good food source.


    can you tell me what you fed them and how you cared for them?

    I might keep them for a while :D

  10. All carabids, dunno with the red beetle ,maybe Cyclotrachelus sp. for the second one, and Carabus sp. for the big guy. The "baby" is a mite.


    I am guessing these beetles are nothing to the bug hobby? Not worth keeping and trying to breed?

    :huh: why is a mite rideing the big Carabus?

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