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  1. My friend from Mendelin told me about an Iridescent purple roach that lives wild around him at the base of banana trees (that are also purple-ish) He then gave me this link http://www.siac.net.co/biota/bitstream/123.../cucarachas.pdf He told me the guy who wrote this paper was working at the insect museum in the Piedras Blancas park. there is some interesting info on it.
  2. Great looking lizards! The 4th pic down in the 1st post is my favorite! Awesome colors!
  3. My name is Taylor, I am 15 and I am from Ohio. I love nature and animals. Some insects freak me out unless they are large (kinda weird I know) I am scared of tiny spiders but if I see a Tarantula I will grab it and play with it in a heart beat I just recently got 25 Blaptica dubia roaches. 1 is a sure male and 2 sure females, the rest are nymphs I am culturing them as pets. I was going to feed them to my fish/frogs, but now that i have handled them and stuff....I would feel soo bad and guilty if I used them as feeders now... im a dork I have a normal Dendrobates leucomelas, and 2 Dendrobates tinctorius 'Azureus' tads and 2 D. tinctorius 'Citronella' tads. Other pets I have are 2 cats, a medium sized dog (mutt), a halfmoon feather tail Betta splendens, a few common domestic crickets(feed the babies to my frogs), and Fruit flies (not realy pets). I have a pond outside with Koi and goldfish. I love plants too. I collect plants in the genus Araceae, I want to be a botanist when I am older. I am looking for a male and female pair of Madagascar Hissing roaches, I love them! I was invited here by a guy named Orin. some of my roaches my camera is a Nikon coolpix P90
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