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  1. Even if it was a wild roach, you'd probably still be fine. Roaches are very clean and spend a lot of time grooming. The ones that run around in your trash and then come run on your kitchen counter can be an issue, because they can't groom away all the trash germs, but even then it still wouldn't be very many germs unless it had just run across raw meat. Try a thick layer of petroleum jelly around the inside of the dubia enclosure, near the top. They shouldn't be able to climb through it.
  2. I evidently should have put my batch of baby domino roaches in a smaller container, because I have no clue where they are. What do I do now? In particular, how can I be sure they get enough food? Leave it in the same corner every time and assume they'll either smell it out or learn?
  3. Am I correct in thinking that the standard white, fuzzy mold is only a problem because it covers/eats food and can be difficult for small roaches to walk through?
  4. Around La Jolla Shores, a bit past the pier. I was there at low tide and found an area where the waves had carved out an overhang about 4 feet high, and there were hundreds of them running around the rockwork. There were at least 5 different kinds of algae in that general area, so I imagine the abundance of food probably contributed. There were also a few running around on the legs of the pier. They seem to like hard surfaces that they can easily climb to escape the water, and I often find them near barnacles whenever I'm anywhere along the gulf.
  5. For those unfamiliar with them, they're a large isopod. They're soft-bodied and get roughly 1" long, not counting a pair of long, jointed antennae on either end. They live along the edges of the water at beaches, especially rocky areas, but they don't actually need or like saltwater. As far as I can tell, they eat detritus and possibly algae. I imagine they could be fed the sort of nori seaweed that you can buy at grocery stores, and they'd probably take some sort of fish food. They can't climb smooth things at all, but they're fairly good at climbing rockwork and wood. They're very hard to catch if they're in among rockwork right at the edge of the waves, but if you find a large overhang somewhere with them living under it, they're very easy to knock off the overhang into a bucket. I've caught them by the dozens, but that was in California, so I couldn't take any home with me. Anyone ever tried?
  6. Lovely! What technique did you use to catch them?
  7. Ok, good to know. Will be getting myself some giant roaches, apparently. Thank you all!
  8. And be sure to give your roach some fruit now and then. They'll eat almost anything, but an apple slice would probably mold slowest. Baby carrots would also be a good option, but only part of one at a time.
  9. I really like the looks of the Byrsotria rothi. Does anyone have any for sale? I Googled them, and it seems like care for them is pretty much just "put on top of substrate, give hiding spots, keep moderately warm, provide food, voila." Does that seem about right?
  10. I have a 10g that's split in half with a solid acrylic divider. Half the tank currently has a small colony of horseshoe crab roaches, and I'd like something to put in the other half. I have peat moss on hand and can get coconut fiber or other materials. I can get hardwood leaves from my yard, mostly pecan, and might be able to grab some oak. I can also get pecan bark and maybe a bit of rotten wood. I also have cat food and fish food on hand. The most important thing is that it's a species that is very bad at escaping. The tank is in a corner next to a cabinet, so anything that escapes is going to stay gone. I can put petrolum jelly around the top, but anything that flies when disturbed is out. This is going to be a show-ish species. Something that looks moderately impressive when shown to people is best. It doesn't have to be constantly out, but I'd prefer something that I can at least find to show off, something that'll hang out underneath bark instead of at the bottom of the substrate. Since I like showing off my critters, I'd like to have something I can occasionally pick up and show to people without it running up my arm, leaping off, or flying away, so preferably something on the larger side. I'd also prefer that it not be a species that's likely to outgrow the space. Breeding is good, multiplying exponentially until I need a tank three times that size is less good. I've had Madagascar hissers before, so I'd like something a bit different. Fancy hissers might work. I'm currently considering widehorn or dwarf hissers. I also like the looks of porcelain roaches, but they seem to be pretty fast/active, and I'd rather not have something that might fly at my face. I don't mind something that can fly but probably won't, though. And yes, I will absolutely consider links to trade threads with potential species. I'm looking to buy whatever species I decide on.
  11. I wonder if roach flour could be a thing? I've eaten cookies made with cricket flour, and they don't taste like bugs. They just taste slightly nutty and a tiny, tiny bit like how large bugs smell. Not like dirty enclosure, just that "bugs are here" smell.
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