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  1. Took a few photos of the other one. Guess its safe to say that this one is a female, right?
  2. I only have two specimens so no room for experiments. Thanks for the advise though, appreciated. @Hibiscusmile The photos in the first post where hosted in a server that went down. If you're interested in seeing more photos you can find them at www.arthropoda.gr
  3. i'm a firm believer of "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" i'm keeping these alive the last 3 years, and i don't think i'll change the way i do it. we have many months with high temps here in greece, so no external heating is used. I keep them in a semi-tall plastic ikea box with aprox 7 cm substrate and a thick layer of dried oak and quercus coccifera leaves. During the first 2 years they spend 90% of their time in tunnels underground but lately they are always on top.
  4. thanks for the help! appreciated one more question. i have two of these. they are both from the same clutch and are kept in the same enclosure yet the other one is much smaller. could this be evidence of different sex? do females grow slower than males? will try and take some photos of the other one and post them here.
  5. here are some recent photos. this roach is aprox 3 years old. can you help me sex this one? I feed them almost exclusively dried oak leaves. have tried chestnut leaves too, but they didn't seem to like them
  6. seems that one of the ooths hatched today. From what I managed to count, there must be aprox 10 nymps. Hopefully the other ootheca will hatch successfully as well. the nymphs are tiny and I doubt my photo-cam can focus on them... Will post some photos when I'll manage to take some.
  7. just some photos of a juvenile pair the enclosure. substrate is a mix of fine sand, peat moss and dead leaves. they both have dug tunnels to the bottom of the enclosure, but luckily I'm able to see them through the plastic.
  8. yes i did. they are indeed synanthropic since they were found inside a country house.
  9. While on vacations I found this bug which I think its a roach (I'm not much into roaches). My first guess was Loboptera decipiens but from the photos of this sp that I found while googling, it doesn't has the markings that the specimen on the photos has. Then while googling for roach species that are endemic to Greece I found some photos of Phyllodromica marginata that look like this. Its size is ~ 0.5+ cm. Btw this is a female since it was carrying an eggsack similar to the ones that S.lateralis do. The quality of the photos is not very good because of the roach size...hope you guys
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