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  1. http://hfmgames.com/?page_id=80 might have to translate or just look up on steam its on sale for ~$5 usually ~$6 other roach games on steam if interested are cockroach vr bad mojo redux (old) journey of a roach radical roach deluxe edition all with good ratings except radical roach.
  2. so whats your technique on harvesting burrows? most all burrows around here (AZ) are underground usually under a bush, some are piles of wood and/or rock. are you just digging them up or flooding them?
  3. D news is a discovery youtube channel, it is not the garbage that discovery does on TV.
  4. electricity and metal = shock risk (not really a problem if you ground it), wood = fire risk, pvc/plastic are the safest by far. If you build with plastic get a plastic welder (looks like a soldering iron). carpet tends to melt more than it burns.
  5. I used to heat a walk in closet then a room with a single heater to avoid the expense/hassle of mats, tape, and cord (cord is my favorite of the bunch with racks). I had a buddy/store owners flex tape torch a chunk of his leopard gecko stock and I've never been able to get myself to try it. Saw the burns he wasn't BSing. The room heaters were cheap, the ceramic kind got the hottest but were to hot for my needs and I used it as a back up. The others had a built in thermostat that were just as cheap and worked for a good couple years of hard constant use. I don't even bother now. I live in AZ and the roaches just slow breeding in the winter so I just over breed them in the warmer months and have extra in the winter (3 months give or take) keep snakes that burmate and heat the few reptiles that need it in rack only in the winter. I got my heaters at target, if you searched you could probably find them cheaper. If you count the garage as room, turkestan roaches breed just fine,
  6. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/LShfk37HTJU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  7. I also got it for xmas. Only skimmed it so far. It's awesome. Would love to get my hands on macrocerca shiptona (p.120).
  8. OK I see that the section is "websites and special interest groups". There is no good reason roachforum or allpet isn't there. if you google through www.google.com.au the forum is very easy to find if not the first thing. I retract my previous statement.
  9. There is always intelligent designed evolution. What are red-heads mimicking? Awesome sp. Btw.
  10. I know we usually can't get aussie roaches, but i figure that means i'll see something new. I mean the new cockroach species boom we had with Zephyr/roachcrossing has slowed, I've read your (older/smaller) books, Roth's books, and a bunch of those short/silly books. I'm craving new material. the kunkel site over at http://www.bio.umass.edu/biology/kunkel/cockroach.html is objective and scholarly, its a bunch of references . Here we have a much more subjective site, which is the appeal. It speaks to the average joe as well as entomology nerds. This could been why the author chose to have kunkel and not AR, or maybe hes a dick, just speculation.
  11. A Guide to the Cockroaches of Australia its $33-$50, is it any good, worth the money?
  12. I'm also curious. I have seen wing mutations in germans, can not find the link. And very similar mutations in fruit Flys that are commonly avalable.
  13. Corns. Purely because they do more. Moving around and such. And I've had to many ball fast and it annoys me. Thought I'd mention the smaller locals of boas. Some only make it to 4 ft similar size to balls but without the feeding issues.
  14. Use a vague name. Or at least vague to normal folks. Blatticulture supply co., or calibiological, bill's old fashioned livestock and supply.
  15. Only keeping turks at the moment but I can try to get artsy or something. Ether way I need a calender for the garage, so I'd buy.
  16. I had a vision reptile rack that I usd in an apt. It was handy because it was on wheels and could roll into a small closet when maintenance came. I also know some rattlesnake keepers in a pts that have had to get creative to hide there pets. Just wanted to give you an idea/option
  17. Yea. Your not getting one. If i remeber right they are Exceptionally rare, exist on one island. There are breeding programs trying to save them. On the up side they are wicked lookin and have that third eye going on.
  18. This is false. IQ is determined from a bunch of tests. Its designed for humans but similar test has been used with animals with high intelligence like crows, chimps, etc. It wouldn't be possible to give a cockroach a true IQ test. Check out this article though. http://discovermagazine.com/2007/jan/cockroach-consciousness-neuron-similarity On a side note. There had been thread on cockroach cruelty referencing an article about a program that can control cockroaches by jamming wires in its brain. The program was made for amusement . I felt that this was cruel as there was nothing new to be learned. This article here also has folks jamming wires in roaches heads, but this is righteous science.
  19. http://giantcockroach.com/ I'd get one if I didn't despise pools
  20. Very cool. I hope to pick up one of these one day.I wasn't aware they would drink liquid egg. Thought I'd need quail eggs.
  21. http://news.discovery.com/tech/robotics/cockroaches-injected-with-dna-nanobots-140409.htm
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