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  1. I am back again. Now I have bigger plans for my stay here. After a couple of months on hiatus, I am planning on keeping roaches again. They don't allow pets here at Cal Poly, but I'll go for it anyways. I just need some stress reliever. I'm also keeping T's as well.

    I'm about to purchase more green banana roaches(from a hobbyist);100 of them and Polyphaga aegyptiaca, about 15 nymphs. I am getting them on wednesday hopefully since he's gonna ship on Tuesday.

    Anyways I need some help keeping these lovely little creatures, so I'm gonna post a new thread asking some questions on how to house these.

  2. Thanks all! I wonder if Cal Poly SLO lets students keep roaches. If not, I'll just keep them at home. :( I'll be a freshman there this coming fall :D

    I would also like hissers, but they're not on top of my list.

  3. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and keeping roaches. So far, I'm keeping Panchlora nivea and I'm going to expand my collection anytime soon. I got a group of 10 of the green banana roaches on Sunday and I'm trying to breed them right now, so wish me luck!

    My wishlist

    Pseudomops septentrionalis

    Polyphaga aegyptiaca

    African bullet roach

    Diploptera punctata

    Byrsotria fumigata

    Dorylaea orini

    Therea petiveriana


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