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  1. Thanks everyone. I'll be riding bike to the pet shop today, no matter how far or cold it is. I only have a couple spare bucks so I'm hoping I'll be able to afford it. If I can't I'll just have to use a substitute until next week. Otherwise, I will get the right things. I'd hate my little buddy to be uncomfortable.
  2. Awesome, thanks again. This is great to know, as I actually have a bit of an overabundance of fish food. Anyway, I hope you have a great rest of your night and wish you the very best.
  3. Thank you so much! I will definitely put my best efforts into this. Unfortunately, I have no ride to the pet store until after I get them, so they would be in a temporary set up. I don't have a dog at my main residence, so I'll have to use fish food. Will betta pellets work? Would I have to soak them in water first? If not I also have tropical fish flakes, betta granules, bottom feeder shrimp pellets, freeze dried bloodworms, freeze dried brine shrimp, and Hikari algae wafers. Do you know if any of these would work?
  4. Hello! I'm brand new to this forum so I may not be asking this right. I joined because a teacher at my school is giving away Madagascar Hissers. I'd really like one but I don't have the money for any special products. So, my first questions are on the enclosure and substrate. 1. What's the minimum size tank/enclosure for an adult male? I have an old plastic half gallon betta tank that I use for water changes only. It has a plastic cover. L = 9", H = 5", W = 3". Is this big enough or would I have to make something bigger? 2. Will Carefresh small animal bedding and/or boiled leaves be safe for Substrate? I have a rabbit and a gerbil that both use Carefresh. Would it be safe for cockroaches? It's supposed to be paper based. Or would I have to buy roach bedding? Is it safe to boil leaves to put in there? If it is, are there any recommended types? Also, is any type of paper safe? Maybe notebook or printer? Lastly, what about hay? Timothy hay would be a last resort, but I'd like to know if it's safe. 3. Should I get an adult or a nymph? I kind of want an adult but I don't know they're exact age. 4.I heard that they can eat dry dog/cat food. What about rabbit pellets? Is that safe? Thank you very much in advance.
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