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  1. Wow, those hissers look like walking cigars!
  2. Green Banana roaches or the "pink" Porcelin roaches are pretty in color.
  3. I like keeping insects as pets, they are one of the most misunderstood creatures, yet they always seem to amaze me! I have liked them since I was a little kid and im not grossed out by them like most people. I tried to make a big club as a kid and only one person joined, a girl, we used to collect caterpillars at school and bring them home and raise them to moths, turns out they were gypsy moths, but we didnt care they were like pets to us and we didnt know the damage they cause. I have kept a variety of insects, and besides silkworms, roaches are by far the easiest and longest living insect pets i've had. I enjoy seeing them molt and seeing if I get any "odd" or "extra large" roaches, you never know what those small nymphs you get could mature into!
  4. All I can say is that's a nice looking hisser. You could try to mate it with it's own kind and see if the orange/black trait is passed on to any of the offspring.
  5. Wow im impressed I didnt know anybody even looked at my thread on that site, yeah thats my roaches allright, I was basically sent the wrong roaches when I thought I was getting B. Giganteus. (except for the one that is a true B. Giganteus) Unfortunetly the picture of the the b.fusca/b.giganteus mating got erased by mistake that is why you havent been able to find the picture. Although I will give you an update, the fusca (female) never gave birth after mating, I dont know if it was stress or if the male (giganteus) was sterile towards fusca. I do know that the roaches I received otherwise do seem to be a mix or something, what, I dont know?
  6. I have a few B. Giganteus and I do see some of the behavior you asked about, so i'll try to answer your questions from what i've seen. Do roaches have some kind of hierarchy? I have seen certain roaches who got to eat first, and some push others away to get the best spot to rest, if they resist they get nipped by the dominant roach. Is it like the wolves with an Aplha male/female? Yes, stronger, larger males are the ones who have the best chance to mate with the females, this is best seen in hissers. Is it like the ants with some kind of queen person. I havent heard about only one female roach able to mate in a colony, roaches are good breeders and I would think any mature,virgin roach who hasnt mated is fair game to be mated with. Are they all like single indivuals living together, no ranking, no responsibilities? Besides a big male hisser who may not allow another male to mate without a fight, yes, I think all roaches have one purpose, to grow,mate, and reproduce as fast ad possible before dying or being eaten. Is it normal for males to fight each other to be the one to mate with that female? If so, is there normal with casualties? Yes, hissers and blaberus giganteus males will fight eachother and some will fight to the death biting and mauling their opponent, they mostly go for the wings and legs. (except hissers who lack wings) Will females mate with different males or just keep to one singel male? I think a female mates only once before being pregnant for life. But they make it hard for the male because while they are mating the female will drag the male around which is why he must be fit and strong or mating may not be sucessful. Are they territorial? Like one roach sticks to his or her corner when not seraching for food and stuff? I believe so, as i've seen this with my roaches, especially over the best place to rest during the day. Hope I could help!
  7. Hi, My name is Keith and i'm a big fan of cockroaches, their one of my favorite types of insects.
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