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  1. Awesome, thank you so much! Especially thank you for the details. -Jon DeLong
  2. I'll probably feed them off to some friends' animals. I originally had these because I worked with monitors, then school came around and I didn't have time for them. I still kept the colony around for a few geckos, tarantulas, and incase I ever did decide to get back into monitors. Well, needless to say, without the monitors there to eat them they are breeding like rabbits on viagra. Thanks for the reply! -Jon DeLong
  3. Yes, something along those lines. I have an explosive population of dubia but had dealing with the lids and want something I can just slide in and out (I plan on getting monitors and more geckos soon). I am not quite sure I know of what you are talking about? -Jon DeLong
  4. I'm not sure if this is normal? Keep in mind I am kind of a roach newb... but I just bought a colony of dubia about 1 or 2 months ago. I had to split them up into several colonies because there are almost 1,000 adults and thousands of numphs. I noticed there are matured dubia (or atleast have the coloration and shine to them as adult) that are females an very thin, flat, and rather circular. I found a few nymphs like this as well. Out of paranoia, I removed all the strange shaped ones. Is this normal or should they be culled? I also have just added in a few males, females, and nymphs to each container from different colonies to help with "new blood". Thanks! -Jon DeLong
  5. I see the anoles and I'm like "ok this person is cool".... then I see the Abronia... I don't think I can even be included in the lunch table you sit in, lol. Seriously though, if you breed those hit me up! Gorgeous animals (not just the Abronia)! -Jon DeLong
  6. I don't contribute much to that forum but my name on there is JonDL. I ain't gonna lie, I'm all about the classifieds on there, lol. -Jon DeLong
  7. I'm just curious if anybody has made something like this and if they have pics of it? I was kind of thinking about making one for my Blaptica dubia colony because I hate having their colonies stacked with heat pads, lol. I would also like to know what building material was used. Post pics if you have any, thanks! -Jon DeLong
  8. Hey y'all. I am new to roaches (other than feeders) but have a few cool species about to come my way! So far I like the looks of this forum, I can't wait to get some pics posted up on it! I am mostly a herper and have a few reptiles, then bought a few roaches as feeders, then after seeing cool roaches it turned into something I want as a hobby, lol. Catch y'all on the forums. -Jon DeLong
  9. What are some good roaches to use as feeders (regardless of the size of animals) that aren't dubia, discoids, lobsters, and lateralis? Thanks! -Jon DeLong
  10. I was going through some food that I had in my workshop cupboards. I found some monkey biscuits that I use to use for my bosses monkeys that I took home to give to my redfoot tortoise as a treat. Does anybody know if this would work well for protein and if it would actually be a great idea to start using these? Thanks! -Jon DeLong
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