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  1. Anything and everyrhing lol.is there info online i can look up?
  2. I was sent a few roaches with an order of assassin bugs.the seller said they were H.flexivitatta, but i cant find info on them.and no one seems to know what they are.i have 5 nymphs.they seem to like to burrow.any info would be appreciated.
  3. Would love to see the shrooms.would they be safe in a high humidity enclosure?
  4. i havent started working on what i really want as there enclosure,but hopefully i can start that project after this year.here are a couple of pics of my current Oblonganata enclosure. with moonlight and i pic of currently my biggest male thanks for looking fellas
  5. anyone have any idea?im really interested to know if anyone has experienced a change in color due to color enhancers in fish flakes.thanks
  6. i was wondering,if i fed hissers tetracolor fish flake color enhancer flakes for the first 6months or more of their lives,do you think i would end up with extra colorful adult hissers?also ive read that cockroaches fed algae,end up stunted as far as size.the flakes im feeding have algae.i assume its spirulina but its not specified in the ingredients.it just sais algae meal.
  7. i have fish flakes,but are they going to find the bowl in a 10g tank??
  8. awesome! thanks.right now there all hudled together under fake leaf. there so darn cute
  9. thanks !now,question..do they start eating right away?can they find the food bowl?
  10. finally,i got some nymphs!i was worried that the small heat pad under the enclosure wasnt enough warmth for them to breed but i guess everything is ok, because i finally got about 30+ babies crawling around!im so excited.i know i know,for you guys its an everyday occurance,but these are my first roaches..and im excited! pictures coming soon.oh,and thanks to everyone here for helping me with all the info i needed to get my colony started.
  11. ide say 3 1/2" if they sometimes molt after they appear adult,like youve seen them do before ,then thats great news.the reason i went with oblonganatas is for the impressive size.that would suck if i end up with portentosa sizes.plus,i wanted to try to select breed some monster oblonganatas.
  12. this might be old news to some of you,but for those who missed it http://scienceblogs.com/grrlscientist/2010...es_new_spec.php
  13. heres pics of my biggest male http://www.roachforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2720 they were sold to me as oblonganatas,and they look it to me,do they look it to you?hes the size i kind of expected an oblonganata to be(was hoping for bigger though)the others are maybe half his size.
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