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  1. Yeah, Me too. They are awesome. But the Larva/Grubbby guys are terrifying. The first picture up top is of the Larva AFTER he chewed through the plastic lid.. In a one week span, I went through about 25 lids. Their jaws are super strong.
  2. Thank you. =) It was a tough call on what kind of beetles to get first, but I couldn't resist these guys. Their colour is what did it for me. They are absolutely gorgeous. A little smaller than what I thought they'd be. Everything I read said they were the second largest/heaviest of the beetles.. But they just seem small. Maybe I was hoping for something gigantic? Here's a picture of my second male as he emerged. He has the cutest little horn on his face. Haha.
  3. Took a picture of my Mantis eating a little Dubia. It's his first ever Dubia Meal, and he Loved it. =) I can't remember the name of the species of Mantis, My friend gave it to me. Sorry.
  4. I imported 8 larva of Mecynorrhina torquata last year. I had never ever had beetles before, but wanted to try my luck at raising them. Well, what a shocker it was when I opened up my parcel to see these GIANT larva with huge mouth parts that were ready to clamp down on anything that touched them. They were terrifying, and nobody wanted to look at them but me. I was fascinated with them. I read all the information I could before I got them, and I had set up little deli cups for them. Anyway, it was quite a trial trying to find things these guys would eat. They all seemed to like WELLNESS bran
  5. I had to take care of a 7 foot Croc Monitor for awhile. She was amazing. Hated all the men, but she trusted me because I was always gentle with her. They are so smart. She never lunged at me, or tried to attack me. Always the guys. Eventually I could get really close to her, and pet her.
  6. I don't want to feed it Goldfish, because they don't usually make the best feeders most things. I was thinking of tossing some Guppies or minnows in there. What would be the best way to remove them? Q-tip? Tongs? I just don't want to hurt him while I try and remove the parasites.
  7. Well, I won't try and pull them off until I know they are bad. When I found him, he was all dry, and it was a cold day, so he barely moved. Then when I got him home I plopped him into some room tempature water, and he slowly came back to life. He has been a very interesting bug to watch. He sits motionless at 45 degree angle most of the time. And I have been tong feeding him crickets every couple of days. I have no idea how often he should be eating.. I keep him in my Reptile Room, so its pretty warm in there, so I figure his metabolism will be a bit quicker than if he was outside right now.
  8. That is one cool bug! Seriously let me know what happens. Just seeing that pic makes me want to go and catch one. LOL

  9. Hey guys, I found this little guy in a parking lot. I couldn't resist poking at him. Turns out he was alive, and not dead, like I previously thought. So of course I had to bring him home. I've never seen one of these guys before. So I immediately did a bit of reading, and got him set up in 5 gallow, tight fitting lid, good filter, and some leaves/banches and a piece of cork bark for him. He's doing awesome. Ive had him for about 2 weeks now. He eats great. Loves crickets. Going to try a fish soon.. My question is though, I tried to take some nice action pictures of him eating. And when t
  10. Hi there. My name is Kat. Im from Canada. I keep a variety of Exotic Animals. Kinda sounds like an AA Meeting. Hehe. I'll list my Reptiles: Iguanas, Bearded Dragons, Frilled Dragons, Leopard Geckos, House Gecko, Corn Snakes, Ball Pythons, Carpet Pythons, Dumerils Boas, Solomon Island Tree Boas, Amazon Tree Boas, Emerald Tree Boas. Fluffies: Spiny Mice and Hedgehogs. I recently got into insects and such. Like my animal addiction wasn't bad already. I've got three Tarantulas so far. (I like Common Names.. Im sorry for those well versed in Latin.. Im still learning.. Bare with me.
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