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  1. I do think any Therea species would look awesome in there, willing you have many adults in there at once, just unfortunate they don't live long once mature, which may leave the enclosure looking empty for a while. Also maybe some Lucihormetica or Hormetica like you said would be nice. I find my adult Lucihormetica verrucosa like to hang out on the surface on top of bark and such, but I do have a good amount of adults in one enclosure, and it might just be they are a bit crowded. Other than that maybe some large Blaberus species like Blaberus giganteus or even Archimandrita species
  2. No problem, hopefully you have a female if the pics helped a bit, and you're able to identify them better since they've grown. That's unfortunate, but sometimes it happens. I've lost all types of roaches myself. Sometimes you find them alive, some times you don't.
  3. I think keeping them in a substrate would be fine. They are a burrowing species, so I'm sure they would be more comfortable in an enclosure of that type. I keep mine on egg crates, but that's so i don't have to dig out nymphs whenever I need feeders. Also as you said it should assist with humidity retention as well. Not many downsides in my opinion except for having to search the substrate for roaches if you use them feeder insects, but it's not very difficult as I already do that with other burrowing species i keep.
  4. I keep this species. I have them in a 19L container with plenty of ventilation and temps in the low 80°F range. I try to keep the substrate moist, but since I have good airflow and additional heat, it tends to dry quick. A good watering once or twice a week works for me. They can handle dry conditions, but I've had success keeping and breeding them more humid with good ventilation. My substrate consists of coconut fiber, cypress mulch, and spagnum moss with a nice layer of leaf litter on top for cover. They can be a shy species so good hides like cork bark/wood pieces are a must. I
  5. Agree with TJ, they seem to appreciate more moisture for sure. Yeah i keep mine with some vertical pieces of cork bark mainly. They tend to congregate together as nymphs, so they don't need tons of room, but if you want to give them a bit bigger enclosure they should be fine as long as they have easy access to food/moisture. Mine mainly eat apple/fish flake, but that's just my regular roach diets. They develop well with good heat/protein. Not the fastest growing species, but they have fairly steady growth.
  6. I keep my nymphs a bit more moist with good ventilation. Not a lot of moisture, but a moderate spray once a week does the job for me at least. Depends on your climate. They'll do ok at room temps as nymphs, but heat in the high 70's to 80's seems to boost their growth of course. Some people have success keeping them drier as well with just a wet corner of moss. Also their ootheca need a fair amount of humidity to hatch i believe, but i could be wrong. I had a few ooths dry out on me when I kept them a bit hotter and with the wet corner only as adults. I'm sure this isn't a definite way t
  7. Here's a comparison. http://imgur.com/a/eUkrQzX
  8. I'll try to get a clear shot of the segments on my hissers if I can. It can be a bit difficult with younger nymphs, but if you have a trained eye it can be a bit easier to notice the smaller segments on males. I've done that a lot in the past, and have misidentified females as males. Also hope your lost hisser shows up. I've had hissers escape before, but I've usually found most of the bigger ones. Might just be luck though.
  9. Damp paper towels and spaghnum moss seem to work well for me for a variety of species, but I've seen and used a few different methods as well depending on the species. I use egg flat, coconut fiber, sphagnum moss, paper towels, leaves mainly, but I'm sure there are other ways as well.
  10. I feed mine synthetic pollen and Apple. They seem to eat less than other species, in my experience at least. They've grown well for me on that diet, and mine tend to be active in the. Very early morning or I'll spot a few at night, but they mainly hang out huddled up under the wood pieces.
  11. Awesome to hear they were in fact R. maderae ! Not so good to hear you've been having Chronic fatigue though, hopefully it improves in the near future. I enjoy keeping this genus. I love watching them feed and interact with each other. I have the "Gold" color form of these guys.
  12. Yeah i can agree with Hisserdude. My colony is VERY male heavy. I have like 3x the amount of males. Just thought it was a coincidence.
  13. Yeah Therea species coupled with the assassins probably wouldn't fare too well. Once you get a large colony though you'll pretty much have adults most of the time, but the assassins are a concern. Gyna species burrow mainly, but will come to the surface. Mostly the adults, but I've seen larger nymphs out as well. Once you get a reasonable sized colony of those they'd be pretty active too. Deropeltis sp. Might work. They seem to climb more than burrow. I honestly haven't seen mine dig really honestly. They're usually at the surface. They stay together in groups it seems as well, as they're alwa
  14. Great some heat should hopefully be beneficial to them once you get one. Just make sure it doesn't get too hot, but they should be ok. Yeah some species will eventually make it past. Some species are better at it than others. Kyle from roachcrossing is still around, but at the moment it's difficult to get in contact with him for a few reasons. He's got a lot going on unfortunately with his family and himself personally. Not sure if he'll ever be back completely. I don't know all the details. Maybe try messaging him on his personal Facebook. Some have gotten through to him I think. Not 10
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