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  1. Those are great photos. Hissers are very underrated in my opinion.
  2. It looks like a Blatta lateralis (Turkestan roach) nymph to me
  3. Please keep us updated on the results when you receive the light. Fluorescing bugs are just downright cool.
  4. I'm pretty sure it has to do with post count
  5. That's what it sounds like. I'd venture to guess the lack of nymphs is due to the adults not producing as much as they get older. The production rates should bounce back a bit once some younger adults mature.
  6. Just a quick question, and maybe a suggestion (if you haven't already thought of it, lol): If you have the bins stacked, but are worried about airflow, you could always do screens on the sides of the bins. Doing that would allow you to stack them to the ceiling if you wanted without obstructing cross ventilation to each bin.
  7. I'm sure you can use them if you wanted. I'm not shooting for any specific temp, so I just used a low power UTH to bump the temp up a few degrees and checked on it fairly often the first few days. It never got too hot, but lats are pretty forgiving of temp spikes if there had been any.
  8. That is normal. They push the eggcase out partially to air it and rotate it before drawing it back into a different chamber to incubate.
  9. Personally, I just use a small (5 or 10 watt) UTH stuck to the back side of my roach bin. It boosts the ambient temperature in the bin enough to get production going, but also gives them a warm area they can get closer to or farther away from. I also have a bunch of ventilation holes drilled in the lid to allow excess heat to escape.
  10. Technically they did. people get around it by saying things like: "I have such-and-such. PM me" As long as there isn't a price in the post or the words selling or buying, they can get away with it.
  11. I live in las vegas and we have really dry air here, too. What I do for my hissers is I blocked off part of the screen mesh in their lid to reduce (but not completely stop) ventilation and I mist the cage down once or twice a day and give them high moisture foods (melons, apples, oranges, things like that). I have a pair and probably 12-17 babies, and they've done well so far. Other people might be in a more similar climate and could answer your question a bit better.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Hissers were my first invertebrates as well.
  13. The P Metallica has always been one of my favorite tarantulas. A couple months ago, I fulfilled my dream of owning one, and yesterday I was able to get one tattooed on me. I've been wanting this tat for years and it turned out pretty good.
  14. Noted. I don't use stuff from outside too often, so I'll stick to using the oven most likely
  15. I've heard throwing stuff in the freezer for a few days works pretty well too. I don't have any first hand experience with it though
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