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  1. Alot of people keep telling me that cat food is bad for dubias because it's too high in protein, but on the other hand. I've also been told that dubias need a high protein diet so I'm a little confused about the protein thing.
  2. So I just got my 100 or so dubias today! It doesn't seem like much and I know that I'll have to wait a couple of months before I can start feeding them off. I just put them in a new 16 gallon plastic bin that I got for $8. I have them eating on dried Meow Mix and a piece of iceberg lettuce because that's all we have right now. Right now none of them are eating, but I suspect that'll change when it's night time. Can someone suggest anything else? I know I'm not feeding them properly because I don't have what I need as of now, but I'll look for it tomorrow. Thought this pic was pretty funny, he couldn't get up.
  3. LOL I don't want them to kill each other, but just do little competitions. I've had mantids before and I know what you mean.
  4. Just curious because I'm interested in species of insects that like to duel it out instead of just an all out massacre. I heard that roaches do this too so I thought I might ask.
  5. Just a quick question, Are there any species of roaches where the males are aggressive towards each other? Can you also tell me how aggressive they are to each other as in mildly nipping at each other to going out of their way to kill each other.
  6. OK so i was thinking about lobsters and dubia. Which do you guys prefer? Which is bigger? Which is easier to care for?
  7. Mostly other invertabrates, like assassin bugs, mantids, scorpions, tarantulas.
  8. Hey guys, I forgot all about this site and i just recently found the link to it. I was wondering if there are any roaches that are good for feeders, easy to breed, and cheap to buy. Usually I look for this: - Soft bodied - Easy to breed, preferably fast breeding - Not too picky about temperature - Not picky about food - Good in nutrients and protein - CHEAP If there are any you would recommend that fits these characteristics, don't hesitate to say so. Thanks !
  9. I found out that roaches smell less than crickets and they are higher in nutrients. I would like to know what species is the best as feeders. If I am raising them as feeders would that make a difference in enclosure and what I feed the roaches? Thank you to all of those who helped.
  10. where did you get that sphagnum moss?
  11. I don't know if I want to keep the american cockroach we find everywhere, but I currently keep: 4 mantids: Iris. oratoria Chinese 2 gambians 3 assassin bugs: Zelus ssp ants: Argentine S. xyloni spiders: 2 black widows black house spider and a couple of parasite insects.
  12. Hi guys, I don't really know much about roaches, but the hissing cockroach seems to be cool. I really want one. My other hobbies are playing the guitar, piano, I'm a skater, I keep insects, annnd.. I'm cool? yeah.
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