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  1. I feed an all natural dog food turtle pellets and fish flaks that I recived free samples of from a pet expo I ground all this up together. I use freash fruit and veggies for moisture and my colonly is growing real good.
  2. Hello and welcome from USA your English is fine. Curtis
  3. Hello and Welcome You will find a lot of info here and very nice, smart and helpful people. Curtis
  4. Hello glad you are here and you will find a lot of people with alot of knowlege and willing to help. Curtis
  5. I have been using diffrent fruit and vegges in with my Dubia colony every other night I take out what was not used and put something fresh in. I never put the same thing in two nights in a row.Last night I put in about a quater of a peach and it was all gone this morning peel and all. Apple peel and all last 36 to 48 hr orange last about 36 hr grapes last 36 to 48 hr I cut them in half carrot last 36 to 48 banna 36 to 48 hr kale I take out after 48 hr lettuce 24 to 36 hr green beans last 48 hr my colony I started with 50 to 75 a good mix of sm to adult added another100 or so mostly 1/4 to 3/8 maybe 10 to 15 1 inch or larger. What have you tried and how well did they go thru it? Curtis
  6. Hello and welcome you will find great info and alot of GREAT people on this site. Curtis
  7. Hello Everybody, I went to the NARBC reptile show today I was looking to add some more Dubia to my colony so I went just looking for them and I did bought 100 for $20.00 then I saw some Lg Madagascar Hissers so I bpught 3 then they told me they had Tiger nyphs so I bought 3, That is 2 off my list that I want to p/u for display then he told me he had question mark nyphs for $3.00 each so I got his card and I am going to get after the first of next month. When I arrived home I started to get everything set up and put away I opened the Dubias and started to put them away and saw that I had 1 adult male 4 - 1/2 to 3/4 inch nyphs and the rest were 1/4 to 3/8 inch I was bumed that their was so many so small. When I bought the 50 mixed off of Roachman26 was a good mix adults to small I guess it is my fault for not checking better. But hay they will grow! Curtis
  8. Thanks, do you know what are the ingredients are? Curtis
  9. Hi Everybody What is Beetle Jelly?? Thanks Curtis
  10. I am going out to collect some rotting oak for roaches is their any thing that will harm them? Are their parasites that I need to worry about? Should I put it in the oven if so what temp and how long? I have checked the post in the feeding section and was ubable to find anything on wood. Thanks for any and all help Curtis
  11. I was over at a freinds house today and we were out back talking and I looked over at his Koi pond at his waterfall and their was all kinds of green algae growing on it I asked how often he cleaned the algae off and he said every week or so. I was wondering if I let it dry if I could feed it to my Dubia colony. Has anyone used algae to feed their colony befor? I know fish eat it. Curtis
  12. I don,t know where you live but here in Calif I can put a quarter of and Orande into my colony and it will last about 48 hrs with no mold and the size of my colony it is 95 to 100% gone within that time I check them 2 times a day they are in the garage right next to the dog food that I feed my dog and they are in a clear tub and I can see the food and fruit and vegges without opening the lid. Curtis
  13. Roahman26 The colony is doing good moved them up to a 105 quart tub and I do have some new ones and I saw the male breeding with a female. I think I will pick up some more at the show. If you can come down to this show I would it's a really good show their are a lot of venders from out of state that come you don't see at any other show in Californa. Example Bob Clark Cathy Love Mid West Tongs ect all have been at this show. Why do you say not to mix the fish food in with the other food? Curtis
  14. I know it's been awhile since anybody has made a reply to this post but I have just started my colony about 3 weeks ago I did do some research befor I set them up. I did my research befor I pick up any Dubia Roaches everthing I read said dog food as I have 3 dogs I have plenty of dog food I pick up my Dubias at a Reptil show. I have been going to Reptile shows for years but the person putting this one on was trying something diffrent he did Reptiles in one building fish and birds in another and dogs and cats in the last building as I went thru the Reptile building Zoo Med was giving out their promo bags with hand cleaner Calcium and baby turtle food pellets.As their was three of us that went we had three bags with thid in them well my son has no reptils at home and my freind has snakes so I recived what was in his bag went to me as well. As we went thru the show we found 10 more bags that people threw away I ended up with 13 sets of samples. We went thru the bird and fish building and that was o.k. then went into the dog and cat building their was not much of cat supplies but I picked up some diffrent high end dog food that they were giving put samples of the sample size was about a cup and half per sample. So when I got home I read all the ingredients it was all natural madw with diffrent meats fish, chicken, deer, ect Grains rice, wheat, bran ect (no corn) after my girlfreind went upstairs to take a nap I brock out the blender and went to work I blended the dog food and turtle food together and made me 1 gal of roach food. I also give them freash veggies and fruit. They always have the dog food mix 24/7 and I mix up the fruite and veggies. I am going to pick up some fish flakes soon to mix with the dog food and also starting water crystals soon.
  15. As the title says I have an Orange Juice quetion. If I went and bought alot of Oranges when they were on sale. And juiced them and froze the juice and thawed out as needed to make up some water crystals with the juice ( or any other juice that you want to use) How long do you think they would stay good in the colony 1 day 2 days 3 days befor it went bad. There are times when Oranges get expensive and out of season here in Californa. Right know my colony is small (Just started it about a month ago) and 1 Orange will last awhile I offer Oranges about twice a week and apples grapes ect. Oranges are supposed to make them breed better. What are your thoughts??? Curtis
  16. I have started a culture of Blaptica Dubia on Aug 7th I started with 50 plus with just a few adults. I started this to feed my Reptiles ( I am getting tired of buying 1000 crickets and having them die off a week later) I would like to get some other pet Roaches latter. I am also started to set up cultures of supperworms mealworms and maybe wax worms.I would like to find out what some of you put into your dry food to feed you roaches as for me in my dry food is a good mixture of dog food (while at an all pet show where they had reptiles fish birds cats and dogs I picked up some free samples of dog food and turtle food and I put that into a blender and went to work on it. I also give them chicken scratch. For moisture I give the apples oranges banna squash carrots sweet potatoes green leaf letuce collard greens and bannas. What do you use that is diffrent from what I use? I foung Allpet Roach forum while I was doing my research on what I needed to start up all these diffrent cultures on the web. Curtis
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