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  1. Has anyone used nano anti-scratch spray coating as a barrier to prevent escapees? I was thinking about ordering one of those and try it. It seems like it would prevent climbing nicely and it lasts up to a year. Thoughts? One bottle would probably be enough for dozen of tubs. http://www.ebay.com/itm/GoGoNano-Liquid-Coating-Screen-Protector-Cell-Phone-Touch-Screens-iPhone-Samsung-/111984360759?hash=item1a12c9bd37:g:YpsAAOSwnLdWsIqV
  2. I'd still put some fruit or veggies, even just a little bit. they get majority of moisture from it
  3. Not really, they will usually start eating some of adult hissers droppings in start, and after that they just eat what everyone else do
  4. I gotta dig for them then, few sellers i saw only had floridana. And that's awesome news!
  5. I'm so jealous of you guys, here in EU i only stumbled upon E. floridanas, which are most boring looking Eurycotis of all
  6. Yeah, today i peeked at some scientific papers describing them and info there is flat out different from my experiences, by a huge margin, so either we keep some other species, or they adapted very well over time with countless captive generations. In my opinion they are very hardy and unless it's super cold(60F and less) they will not have problems at all with breeding. Obviously, the higher the temperature, faster they develop and grow. Biggest thing you need to care about them is to provide moist environment for ooths, either by separating them into incubators, or providing 1-2" substrate in your colony. My lazy ass don't like to spend time collecting them, so i just let substrate do its job.
  7. Really? What temps are at your house? I've been keeping them for years without heater and have no problems, they breed like madman. And my temp is around 20-23C(70-75F)
  8. You can always get ol' fashioned red runners, they fit your description perfectly(well, unless you already have them)
  9. Yea, it took almost 2 days until i finally got approved. And wow, this text editor is so awesome!
  10. Let me quickly introduce myself, my name is Marijan, i'm 24 and living in Croatia. I have been in exotic animal for some time, but just now found out about this forum. Some may even know me from Arachnoboards. I have kept various arthropods, including tarantulas, true spiders, centipedes, milipedes, roaches and stick insects. Currently i have small dubia colony, and fairly large lat colony going, as well as 6 tarantula species. I have kept several roach species in the past, including lats, dubias, and several Gromp and Ellimp species. Last few years hobby was on hiatus, but i'm coming back in full throttle. I'm a bit of oddball, and like to experiment new stuff, so you'll find me using unconventional roach keeping methods just to see what happens and try new stuff(some of you may have stumbled upon my E. javanica caresheet i made some time ago LINK ). I'll be very glad discussing stuff as well as sharing photos of our beautiful roach specimens. Cheers
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