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  1. ahhh thanks! I've totally taken them out of my hatch tank now as I don't think they are needed as much until they are bigger and create more mess
  2. I know it sounds like I'm clutching at straws but if the buffalo worm population got too high could that also be a reason?
  3. Sorry forgot to mention that. It's a Dubai roach. And no as it's a plastic slippery surface around the side and egg carton only goes to around half way up the container.
  4. 2 months ago I emptied my breeder tank containing around 2-3,000 nymphs. These were all together in a separate tank and fed and kept as normal. When I went to clean today there were around 200 left and 5-6 silent adult crickets in the nymph tank(I work at an insect farm so this is not uncommon). Could they be eating the nymphs?
  5. Yeh they are the ones ? They don't seem to be doing much to the skins laying at the bottom of my tanks unfortunately. When I split my breeder tank down next week il see what sort of damage they have done in terms of the amount of nymphs. I think they are more of an annoying pest than a hindrance tbh. Thanks
  6. As you can see from the title the warehouse where I work has been infested with black carpet beetle for upwards of 5 years now and Is pretty much immovable. They are now massively prevelant in all my colonies and I am wondering if they can damage them in anyway? Such as eat the nymphs etc.
  7. I work for an insect company in England and we have tonnes of springtails so that wouldn't be a problem. Is it hard to seperate the springtails from the nymphs etc when sorting? I just don't want my bosses coming down on me hard if I mess this up ?. Thanks for the quick reply.
  8. Dubia cockroaches Hi people, i could really do with some advice regarding breeding cockroaches. I've got my breeder tank set up and everything is going well. One problem I have encountered though which I cannot for the life of me find a solution to on the web is that of separating the exoskeletons from the tank. This is causing me a problem when trying to filter through the nymphs and other sizes as the cases block up the bucket and the adults seem to cling on the them. The way I have been doing it is singlehandedly separating them which is a very time consuming job as you can imagine. Any advice and guidance welcome. Thanks
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