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  1. ahhh thanks! I've totally taken them out of my hatch tank now as I don't think they are needed as much until they are bigger and create more mess
  2. I know it sounds like I'm clutching at straws but if the buffalo worm population got too high could that also be a reason?
  3. Sorry forgot to mention that. It's a Dubai roach. And no as it's a plastic slippery surface around the side and egg carton only goes to around half way up the container.
  4. 2 months ago I emptied my breeder tank containing around 2-3,000 nymphs. These were all together in a separate tank and fed and kept as normal. When I went to clean today there were around 200 left and 5-6 silent adult crickets in the nymph tank(I work at an insect farm so this is not uncommon). Could they be eating the nymphs?
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