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  1. Hi everyone My name is Paula and I'm a student at Boston University's Master in Science Journalism Program. I am writing a story about cockroaches and decides to join this forum to learn as much as I can about them. The story I am writing about started as a look into the scientists involved in the Cockroach Genome Project - but as I kept learning more about them, the project grew. Now, I am also interested in debunking myths and talking about things that people don't normally know about roaches. Which is why I need your help. I would love to include in the story the perspective of people who breed them (as a job or hobby). I believe talking about the different species, how they behave and why people like to have them around is a way of informing the readers and make them learn new things about these animals. So... Would anyone be willing to talk to me about their own experience with roaches? We can talk over the phone or Skype - and I promise I wouldn't take much of anyone's time. If so, just send me a direct message and I can give you all my contact info. Thank you so much (I already learned a lot just by reading the entries here). Paula PS- As a journalist, I am using my real name and picture to contact you.
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