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  1. I have been using Dumor non-medicated chick starter/grower (20% protein) as a chow for my B. lateralis colonies for a while now with good success. I noticed when I bought a new bag yesterday that they changed the packaging/ingredients slightly. It is now "formulated with BIO-MOS", a probiotic. I am wondering if this is still safe to feed my roaches (and indirectly, my reptiles)? Attached are photos of the two bags side by side (old style on left) as well as the ingredient list of the new version. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I did recently purchase a nice respirator for cleaning, however it was well after I developed my allergy to the B. dubia. My hope is that I can limit exposure to the discoids and last many years before I am allergic to them as well haha. Thanks for the help!
  3. That is reassuring to hear, I hope the discoids work for me. Thank you!
  4. Hello,I keep a colony of B. dubia, however I have developed quite an allergy to them. Nothing dangerous, but enough to cause me to get rid of them. I am looking for another species to try in the hopes that it does not cause the same reaction. In my research I have found that the vast majority of accounts of people being allergic to roaches have been with dubias and hissers. I have seen mixed accounts as to whether people can be allergic to specific species of roaches, or if the allergy is likely to all roaches (or even all insects) in general. Most of the posts I see are of people who are going to try a new species to see if they cause the same reaction, but they never seem to update the post... So my question to you is: Has anyone that has an allergy to one species of roach (lets say dubias for example) successfully kept another species without developing an allergic reaction? I just got rid of my dubia colony, and have a small colony of B. discoidalis being shipped to me. I plan to keep them on a slightly moistened substrate, and with a clean up crew of Alphitobius diaperinus (Buffalo beetles) in the hopes that any allergens will be greatly reduced. Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!-Jake
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