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  1. Hi pannaking22, Thank you for your reply and advise! I will set the temperature a bit lower if that's better, thank you for that. For substrate, I think for now, I'd just leave it as it is. They are doing fine, and I always say 'never change a winning team' Chris
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Chris. I'm 17 years old, and I live in the Netherlands. I am in the first year of 'college' studying 'applied biology'. I've been reading on this forum quite some time now, and since we don't have a forum in the Netherlands dedicated to roaches, I decided to sign up! In the last couple of years, my interest in insects and other 'weird' creatures has expanded. I've always been fascinated by the variety of insects. Therefore, I've kept quite a few as pets (mantids, stick insects, beetles, butterflies etcetera). Only a couple of months
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