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  1. Welp. Only males then. ughhh xD My christmas money is the only money I get all year (which i used to make the purchase)! Time to wait 'till next year then.
  2. The other two just molted or shed (whatever the roach hobby calls it) to adulthood. They all seem to be males. But I'm just gonna let them do whatever and hope that at least one turns out to be a female. One seems noticeably larger than the others so I'm hoping that one is a female though it does not have a white abdomen. Unless you count the legs xD
  3. Does/can this apply to the nymphs also? So far the two adult ones are males :/
  4. Oh btw. Is there a way that I can sex these little guys? I barely know anything about roaches as I'm just running around buying anything that looks interesting xD Plus since two of them molted without problems and they are eating fine, I'm guessing I'm not killing them. Very good sign for me
  5. I just got 4 yesterday and 2 already molted to adulthood I would take pictures of them if 1: they didn't move so fast, 2: They weren't so small, 3: they didn't hide so much, and 4: my camera is crap. But they are so fun and cute! I do not regret buying them one bit.
  6. Cool idea. I personally prefer Skype over Discord (due to me using an old version of Discord and me hating it, I've refused to use it again lol.). I could possibly try Discord again for a roach server
  7. OMG Thank you. They are so cute! Amazing little roaches! A lot smaller than I expected, even after I was told to expect smaller! Do they happen to have a food preference from your experience?
  8. Does anyone happen to have any pictures of this species? The only one I can really find is the one by Kyle on his website. I saw that there was a photo thread of these a while back but I can't open the pictures and they don't show. Thanks.
  9. Pretty cool. What kind of isopods you planning to put in that glorious enclosure?
  10. I think I will go for no ventilation for now until I can do an upgrade for the enclosure once I get to know how the roaches behave.
  11. Would this be fine? http://imgur.com/a/tDANG I will be adding small air holes so they can breath and would a thin substrate (coco fibre maybe 1/2 inch?) be fine? Any other things that may be needed?
  12. Does anyone here have these roaches? Thinking of getting a few from Kyle (roachcrossing) and not exactly sure what they need. They sound like fun roaches but there is almost no info on them. :/ Would love pics of enclosure and roaches lol
  13. http://imgur.com/a/YuV9I I have 1 adult (not sure what sex) and 3 nymphs. My iPhone camera doesn't know what to make of the roach and it didn't let me focus on it. I got all the supplies and roaches from bugsincyberspace
  14. As the title says, I got myself 4 domino roaches ( Therea petiveriana )! Woo! These are my very first roaches and I would like to know some basic things to keep them alive. I already have their enclosure set up also. I will upload some pics of the enclosure in a bit. Should I keep their substrate humid? How many times should I mist or change out the food? Any information will be welcomed
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