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  1. Also, some general FAQ's that I found interesting. http://www.bio.umass.edu/biology/kunkel/cockroach_faq.html A few questions I enjoyed: 6.Why do cockroaches die on their backs? 7.Do cockroaches bite? 12.Are cockroaches really clean? 39.How do Cockroaches Digest and what organs do they use to do so? 56.How fast are cockroaches? 68.Color cockroaches most attracted to? 79.Can female-only set of hissing cockroaches give birth 7 months after purchase?
  2. For everybody wondering about the e-mails I've sent with the professor (who is also a biochemist) who has been posting research on roaches since 1966, I will copy those below. Granted, there are over 4,800 species of roaches and no single person has researched them all to any great degree, so take away what you will from the questions and answers below. I personally have a small breeder colony that I've had less than two months, so I am not an authority on roaches of any species. I'm simply a technical person by nature that has a touch of self-diagnosed OCD who found so many websites with c
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