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  1. Hello ALl, I am trying to find out if these particular species, need the adults to grow to adulthood? Panesthia angustipennis spadica Panesthia angustipennis yayeyamensis I want to know if the can make it on their own just with rotten wood or they still need the adults to replenish the bacteria that process the wood in their guts. I heard that some US wood roaches need the adults to replenish the bacteria specially after they molt as they molt their stomach linner containg the bacteria that breaks down the wood. I hope I made myself clear. francisco
  2. I would guess female too, but it is to small to tell for sure. Those pics of the ventral and pronotum areas will really help. good luck. francisco PS let me know if you would like tot rade your roach for something else in case it is your only one.
  3. Hello All, Mine get oak leafmulch and Eucalytus leaf (dried brown ones) and they don't have any smell. francisco
  4. That is perhaps Panesthia australis. Nice roach. good luck regards francisco
  5. HEllo, Peter there is an enthomologist in Santa Barbara that has a Tinema specie named after her, it is the only tinema that happens in the Santa Barbara area. Orin, I hope you could get more bugs name after you, great job, you are a true example of dedication in the hobby.
  6. Hello All, Well, M rhinocerous has been my dreamed roach until a few years back when I was able to get several youngs, that took a lot of my savings. My experience with the rhinos has been good, not too bad. I agree with Graham about some unexplained deads. I started with 5, 3 year old nymphs and 15, 1 year old nymphs, as a home I used a 20 gallon terrarium, with about 5-6 inches of substrate. Substrate Sand mixed with organic potting soil and wood/leaf mulch (50/50 mixed) at a ratio of 40-30-30% I keep the substrate humid, just enough so the sand could stay firm, as the Rhinos love tunneling. They would start a tunnel in one end of the terrarium to the other side and ended up in a small chamber in the very center, where all of them congregated. I cover the top of the substrate with some decayed oak and brown eucalyptus leaves. which they will munch on all the time. I also sprinkle some fish food flakes and some pieces of fruit like Apple,banana,carrot,letuce and potato. I would then removed the uneaten food within a few days. I started having some deads in a few years, so now I am down to only 10 nymphs, mostly the older one survived. I have talked to some people in Australia who have them as pets and they have experience a 10% mortality rate (more or less ) in the first year. I currently have 10 young ones from 2-4 years old and an adult pair,that hopefully produce babies this year! ( I really hope) I was told to keep the youngs humid for 6 months and dryer for another six. Adult will mate and reproduce within November/December as late as February No special light is required Temp around the 70s,room temp, and as low as 67-68 F Humidity 80% for six months,dryer for another six months (perhaps 40s?) although 60-70 % is good. As graham said, loosing this roaches is a big loss, specially after the high prices on this roaches, so the more we share experiences the better. Hopefully we can succed on breeding this wonderful pet, so other might get the privilage of rearing and keeping them. Good luck Graham and Matt K, with your Rhinos. Ftorres.
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