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  1. Hello Just wondering if anyone could provide me any tip or need to knows on how to care / feed these types of roaches. Thinking about getting a few of these. Though I don't want to get them and have them die from not providing proper care. Anyone have experience owning these types of roaches? Anything they are overly sensitive to? Thanks
  2. I don't know which ones breed the fastest. However personally I noticed my javanicas producing more than my other types of hissers. My Madagascars and Wide horns are a close second. The rest are slow due to lack of Breeding females. (Which I'm working on fixing.) If you want lots of offspring make sure to have plenty of females. Also if you feed hissers to herps or reptiles i would recommend feeding freshly molted ones. The exoskeleton is wicked tough. My turtle has trouble eating them. And my frogs can't digest it (fully). But soft molted ones are no problem for either. Hope that was somewhat helpful.
  3. Ok thanks I thought it was just my phone being weird but it happened a few times on my laptop. I wasn't sure what exactly was going on.
  4. Several times when I logged on a message appeared saying I had new messages. I click on the link and I get a cannot load page or item not found. When I go to my inbox there are no new messages. Is anyone else having this issue if so how do I fix it?
  5. Yeah I agree its a cool color. However I think it's odd though. I don't remember seeing an ivory and black roach in small nymph stage. So if he use to be the normal color. I'm curious as to what caused the change. Unless he's always been this way and I just haven't noticed him until now. But I will keep you posted.
  6. Here is a hisser I found while cleaning the enclosure. I thought he was still drying from molt but it's been a week and no change. I think this might be its permanent color.
  7. I have a feeder/hybrid bin that I keep as pets and on occasion use to feed my reptiles. ( when I get too many) It's a mix of... I want to say 8-10 species of roaches. They seem to be thriving in the mixed society setup. From what I can tell they tend to do better than my single species "purebred" tanks. Granted it's not the best idea to mix but, it works for me. Good luck with your setup.
  8. I don't use anything for my roaches at the moment. -For my roaches I use sterilite gasket boxes. I drilled small holes in the lid with the tiniest drill bit available all across the lid. (Small enough so the babies can not get out.) I then inserted an air pump hose (for fish tanks) by drilling one hole in center of lid large enough to put the hose through. The lid stays sealed and locked at all times. (unless changing/feeding them). There is enough fresh air circulating in the tub from the air pump, and enough holes to allow stale air out. I also found it keeps the humidity at a good level also. I sometimes will use petroleum jelly (Haven't in a while, due to no real need for it with the gasket box setup.) around the edge/underside of the lid to keep them from crawling up the lid to the holes. The seal keeps them from escaping out the sides. That's my basic set up. Only thing I don't care for with petroleum jelly is it melts and make a awful mess. It can be hard to clean up at times.
  9. roach poop, dead skins, etc. Build up of junk waste items you dont want in your tank.
  10. Ok then i can give another type a try and see how it goes. .. Thanks
  11. Been thinking about getting an orchid mantis. However never owned mantis' before. Any suggestions on good housing, temps, etc. Are they considered difficult to breed/care for? Any suggestions & tips would be greatly appreciated. I am researching info on mantis care but information from someone who has experience with them is better than google search.
  12. Nadine83


    Thanks the people who found her named her and we decided to keep the name. Here is what she looked like when they found her. Shes doing much better now. Spoiled rotten, eats better than we do, but so do all our animals. Totally worth it.
  13. Thanks there are a few places I have in mind. I might get small groups from multiple areas. Time will tell.
  14. Thanks I hope so too. I like them.. the Javanicas and Tigers are pets. The Madagascar and Dubia are feeders. (Well some of the Madagascar hissers are, not all. The Roaches I paid money for I keep to breed/pets, the babies on the other hand... I have a hungry turtle and frogs. ) Anyway, I'm happy. I have a few more species arriving along with some fresh breeders around April/May. That should keep me occupied for a while. In the mean time, I'm on the hunt for some dwarf hissers. (Elliptorhina Chopardi)
  15. Here are some new Javanica Roaches that arrived on Wednesday. However I woke up this morning and found some babies in the cage :). Now if only my Madagascar roaches and Dubia roaches would spring out a few babies. Hopefully sometime soon, few breeders look like they are about ready to pop any day now.
  16. Nadine83


    Thanks soup was a rescue. Apparently soup was abandoned when the owner got evicted from there apartment left without food and water for extended period of time.
  17. Nadine83


    Here is my Red Eared Slider named Soup. Figured id post just... because.
  18. I ordered both a group of blacks and a group of regular. You can send him an email and he can let you know what all is in stock.
  19. Here is a pic of one of the tigers also purchased from theinvertshop.com.
  20. theinvertshop.com I also got a few regular tiger hissers. They look good and all of them showed up alive.
  21. Ok, Thanks I use Repashy for my other insects. My crickets love the stuff and do well on it. I am trying some on the roaches but I tend just to feed fresh fruits/veggies/and Rabbit/Chinchilla/and or Pigeon Pellets since I have a ton of those at my disposal, and they are cheaper. Repashy I try and reserve for feeder insects as an added boost for my reps/amps. I just wasn't sure if anyone else has tried it with roaches.
  22. Hello, My name is Nadine. I'm from NY State. I work 2 jobs, have a ton of pets (Birds, Dog, Cat, Fish, Turtle, Frogs, Chinchilla, Roaches, Crickets, Etc.). I enjoy cooking, reading, and writing letters in my spare time. Happy to have joined this forum, already chatting with new people and hopefully will expand my Roach collection.
  23. Hello, I was wondering if anyone uses Repashy Bug Burger or the Repashy Gutload to feed Roaches. I have Madagascar hissers at the moment. I typically use Repashy for all feeder insects along with turtle reptile/amphibian foods. I have heard mixed reviews on feeding it to Roaches. Any thoughts?
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