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  1. Hello everyone, I joined this forum a while back but I thought I had lost my roaches as they had escaped and sadly would have no need for posting here. I have a male and female Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, and they both escaped at different times. Miraculously, the male turned up over a month later in fine condition, and when I found my female she had gotten bigger. Guess they really are resilient! They are both pets that were gifted to me from my favorite (and zany) professor. Being truthful, I have always had a fear of roaches but I couldn't bear the thought of them dying in shipment or being eaten eventually. I have made contact with them but haven't actually handled them yet. They are actually very beautiful and while I am still uneasy, I love them both and want them to have good lives. Both are escape artists, somehow sneaking their way out of my 5gal tank and absolutely vanishing, not even baited by food. There was the tiniest gap on my glass lid, since I had to buy one since this is a converted aquarium tank, and I couldn't fathom how such an incredibly narrow space could be enough room for 2 plump roaches to squeeze out of. Seriously, I can imagine a gnat being able to get in there, but that's how tiny it is. I have a temporary solution where I plug the spaces with sheaves of paper so there is no gap (they like to hang out on the paper. Waiting for a moment to escape again). I'm going to my local pet stores soon to try to find a suitable lid that will completely seal the enclosure. Right now I am using coconut substrate! There isn't much in their tank at the moment, I give them paper towel rolls and a miniature box for them to climb on but that's it. These roaches require humidity, correct? I have been misting the sides of the aquarium every couple of days. Is that enough? Do I need a humidifier? Any tips/recommendations to help keep them from escaping?! Is this adequate room for 2 adult hissers? They are extremely fussy. One moment they like bananas and then they don't. Is there a "favored food" by a cockroach?! My fruit seems to get moldy pretty quickly, and from my research mold is a serious concern. Should I be feeding them fresh fruit and then removing it daily? Are there any other tips or pointers you could give me? Thank you very much!
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