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  1. Greetings, The cardboard egg crates in my roach containers keep becoming wet and nasty due to humidity when the air conditioner in the room is off. It is cooler which is why it is off...but humidity is still kinda high. So I am wondering is there anything else I can use besides cardboard egg crates as a housing option for my roaches? They are Red Runner roaches being used as feeders. What else do people use for this? Are there any options besides cardboard egg crates?
  2. I have had a stable red runner (Turkistan roach) roach colony for a couple of years. Everything was fine. But randomly the other day the colony suddenly had massive deaths. I don't know why they are dying! There is no mold as far as I can tell. They were fine one day and then literally the next there were dozens of bodies all over. It is like they are just dying for no reason all stages of the roaches. The only thing I can think of is maybe I put a bad apple in there, other then that nothing has changed or could possibly cause this that I can think of. Has this happened to anyone eve
  3. How long does it take red runner ootheca to hatch normally? I know it probably depends on temperatures and humidity right? But how long would it take them to hatch with temperatures in 65-69 degrees? And also what is the maximum time I would expect an ootheca to hatch or still be viable? Like how long should I wait until the ootheca can be regarded as not going to hatch or non viable?
  4. Yep thanks, Well more babies have arrived! another female had babies last night, I found her in a tube with a bunch of babies. The first batch of babies I think has started molting! I think I saw a 2nd instar or two last night. Lots of little mouths to feed now!?
  5. It finally happened!! My Madagascar Hissing cockroach finally had babies successfully! I have been waiting forever for babies. The largest female was looking rather plump for the past few weeks or so. And then I looked in my cage last night and saw a bunch of babies! There are probably around 25-35 nymphs and they are all so cute! I am super excited they finally had babies.
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