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  1. Hey all, Just wondering if Simandoa conserfariam are a species that carry the ootheca internally and then give live birth? It appears that's what mine did and I just want to know if I'm right or not. Thanks!
  2. Yes, mine love to eat apples. They also like practically any variety of lettuce. Fish flakes are always appreciated, but I only feed them a couple times a month. Mostly I give them slices of carrot and apple. They're pretty shy, but I only have 3. They always come out at night! Has taken a long time for them to mature--between 6-10 months. I think they grew a little more quickly in the summer time when the house regularly got up to 76F.
  3. Here is a nice pic of my Extinct in the Wild roaches...The white one just molted into adult stage. It's sitting on top of its shed exoskeleton (little bit of brown under its head).
  4. Hello all! I am a beginner in keeping insects. I started with four little Extinct in the Wild nymphs in March 2016. Three of them are now adults, and one died right before/in the process of its final molt. It looks like I have one female and two males. Watching them go through the steps of maturing and molting has been really cool. I'll post some pics in the photos forum. Thinking about starting up a second enclosure of something, but I haven't decided yet. I'm not interested in having breeding colonies, so maybe a couple of male Hissers? I'm open to suggestions.
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