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  1. Anyone? It looks like a nymph to me, but I cannot tell which species it is.
  2. Is it indicative of an infestation? We live in Georgia.
  3. Ha! Does he scurry quickly and have long antenna? Roaches are seriously my one and only fear. I can even handle roaches in the wild. However I want to burn down our house when one comes inside. Totally rational. I know. Thank you for your help!
  4. This was the other option that I was considering. The cockroach really looked reddish brown in person. It photographed a bit dark. Does the nymph normally have a yellow band on it?
  5. Best answer ever! If I have a single fear, it is cockroaches (I know that I am in the wrong forum, but I needed to ask the experts). Feeling much better.
  6. I found this in our bathroom and am freaking out. Ick.
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