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  1. I don't consider discoids, or dubias burrowing (and also don't climb)
  2. Found this one also, has a couple more. http://moonvalleyreptiles.com/files/Feeder-Nutrition-Common-Reptile-Feeders-v1.0.pdf also has scaber isopods!
  3. Not likely you'll bug him as much as I do, besides, he likes bugs
  4. https://www.facebook.com/kyle.kandilian?ref=br_rs is his personal profile. If you friend him and message him that way that works well.
  5. I run www.facebook.com/KatsRat1205 and would like to add some roach embroidery designs to my options for some items. Would any of you be willing to show me some of your photos and give me permission to work off of them to create some designs? Isopods etc also!
  6. I know I want some sort with both of my types of hissers for sure
  7. My mind goes to "floating lanterns" darn Rapunzel!
  8. The weather has been warmer here (about 74 today) so found around 90 more isopods in the past 2 days! I finally figured out why people bother to put in edging stones on raised flower beds, it has nothing to do with astetics - it's all about making places for isopods to hide! (I'm waiting for my neighbors to question why I go out daily and flip the top row of them one by one while carring around a small container!) Yesterday's Then I did some seporating today P. scabers Nastrums and a vulgare I need to get him and a few of his buddies out of that container tomorrow cause I didn't realize what they were until I looked at the photos. Plan to seporate those ones with the different coloration off and see what I can do with them. I seporated out what I think are my vulgares too and forgot to take photos.
  9. All my geckos are my little pony names. Have you seen the big discord funco pop?
  10. Had never heard of this chat option, just wanted to say every time I see this post it messes with my mind. I have discoid roaches, and an african fat tailed gecko named Discord.
  11. shhh, hub already wants to know how there are so many bugs in the house!!!
  12. Hissers are often feeders. Though in my book treats not a staple
  13. Trying to talk people into more options in general
  14. Didn't realize this one was actually missing dubia. But most the common ones used in the reptile community and easy to find ones include dubias. I don't think I've even found info on the discoids, which are often used especially in FL.
  15. Wasn't trying to cause trouble, glad to have curiosity fullfilled. and glad to know keeping it legal! Some of the ones in other countries are awesome looking and would love to have some, but all for letting the people who pay the money to get them in right to be able to make the money off those of us who want them
  16. Melon rine is suppose to help to lessen the amount of grain mites too. Put in, let them collect on it, rinse and repeat.
  17. http://www.instructables.com/id/Preserve-Insects-In-Resin/
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