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  1. replace the substrate and just put a small amount of it back in to provide a small culture from the container to start again.
  2. I was able to find this chart that includes more than just the standard dubia roaches, but was wondering if anyone knew of more of the info on other types of roaches also.
  3. long shot, is the bearded dragon one gone?
  4. They're fun and I don't get to control my own wishlist, cause the kids add to it! I think I have the only 8 year old daughter who has a favorite orange head roach that she begs to hold!
  5. I'm not help on either so far None of them have wings yet, hoping soon!
  6. I've never had a problem with grain mites, and dog food isn't suggested when being fed to reptiles
  7. yeah that's what I have. I didn't add any ventilation, it's the 3 drawer units. No added holes or anything, just the gap from each drawer to the next and to the top.
  8. Already ordered halloween hissers, pallids, and Surinam from a member here
  9. thanks. I do it with my mealworms and superworms, so was wondering why it wasn't a thing with roaches too
  10. I have no idea if this is the right place for this. I saw a youtube video where hissers were kept on oatmeal - thoughts? I love the idea of food vs dirt/eco earth since some offspring will eventually be feeders but wasn't sure how practical this was.
  11. Premoistened ecoearth - close the container or cats pee in it. Now the question - does anyone put water crystals in their substrate so it holds moisture better? I feel like I contantly have to spray my substrate to have it moist, and that the Eublaberus species hang out in their water crystal dish.
  12. I found very quickly with the red runners I prefer tp and paper towel tubes to egg crates for them. Just personal preference, but easier for me to manover them with those IMO
  13. I need to go upwards Right now I wish some of the drawers were smaller, but once some of them get going I'm sure I'll be glad to have the size, and besides, the 3 big drawers on the shelving unit were free.
  14. Local FB group perhaps? Or here? What kind do you have?
  15. I'm told I clean my dubias way too often. I clean out the whole enclosure every 2 to 3 weeks as well as seporate the babies from my breeders. Seeing babies drives me nuts to leave them!
  16. I started innocently in with roaches a better food source for my reptiles with dubias. Then I got curious of dubias vs discoids, and wanted another option other than crickets for my picky african fat tailed gecko girl... and it exploded at that point to: Discoids Orange heads 6 spots Ivory head red runners madegascar hissers and.... headlamp roaches And the wishlist keeps growing now
  17. Blaberus discoidalis has quickly become one of my favorites, the nyphs are so pretty!
  18. I tried to keep myself to nonclimbers/nonfliers... that didn't work and quickly got some climbers, sure fliers aren't far in the future!
  19. Thanks for sharing, though my "want" list keeps getting longer. I hadn't found that site yet.
  20. that last baby photo is adorable. I donno why it didn't dawn on me that the spotted ones would be the adults and nyphs would look different!
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