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  1. Hi, can you ID this roach please? A friend get some and want to give them to me. They came from Thailand. Sorry if this post is in the wrong category Thank you
  2. Hi guys. Well i got some Drymaplaneta from a friend. HE told me that i need to keep them on sand. Well i think sand is to dry? I found a couple of dead roaches, seems that they dried out... Do you have any hints for me?
  3. Wow, they are awesome. I would give a lot to get them to Europe
  4. "They Nest" is a film about pest Roaches
  5. Beautiful Pics, sadly i have no more of them.
  6. I can only speak for Corydidarum magnifica. It's almost the same as Corydidarum pygmaea. The males dies about 3 months after they reach adulthood.
  7. Hello Everyone, like the Title says, what makes a Princisia vanwaerebeki to a Tricolor? How must be a Triclor look like to be one? kind regards
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